Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Who’s to blame for G20 mess? Unions | Comment | Edmonton Sun

Who’s to blame for G20 mess? Unions | Comment | Edmonton Sun

Unionized workers, I’m looking at you.

Various labour groups financed and sent thousands of people to Toronto to protest against banks, conservatives, globalization, lowering the deficit and capitalism, just to name a few.

Your union dues pay to express and protest in favour of political opinions that are at best controversial, regardless of whether you agree with them.

Labour laws in Canada, and particularly in Quebec, protect this ideological monopoly for the unions.
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Jen said...

CS, something is wrong, for some reason or another of late, I notice that when I comment which I did on this story, doesn't seem to appear.
TAhe same goes to other threads which you have displayed.

Anyway, the unions are the ones that do control not only their people (little guy) but the liberala ndp and the bloc.

During the recession, when the PM refused to bail out the GM, how the opposition railed on the PM for not giving what the unions wanted and for that were prepared to overthrow the PM instead of telling the unions to 'put a lid on it.' Not once did Layton no Duceppe nor Ignatieff stand up to the unions to tell them to 'shut up' not once.
The 'little guy' that socialists like to hang around and pretend that they care about them, really and truly don't.

Canadian Sentinel said...

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