Monday, July 26, 2010

Left-Wing Extremist To Face Justice For Crimes Against Humanity

Khmer Rouge killer faces justice

Left-wing extremist to face justice for torture, murder, genocide, crimes against humanity... in service of socialism/communism.

Yup. This is a socialist/communist. Left-wing.

Today, those folks call themselves "Progressives", "Social Democrats", "Liberals"... and they babble about "Social Justice" and speak with code words such as ..."Hope" and "Change"...

They don't call themselves "communists" much anymore, due to the negative connotations.

But they whitewash the crimes against humanity...

The shocking thing is that the court that's going after this monster is "UN-backed".

How about going after "Progressive", "Social-Justicer" monsters like Fidel Castro?  How about the Chinese Communist Party?


Jen said...

"Progressive" is a much nicer word to use in place of communist, marxist, socialism etc. It makes the minds of many innocent souls think that the word 'progressive' means to improve, makes things bettee-you know, progressive well well in my health, business or as a person-that sort of thing.
Socialist marxist you name it meaningful word like progressive to inflitrate their dirty evil-minded brainwashing ideas all under the name 'progressive.'

In other words: OBAMA doesn't want to show his B/C- progressive.
Obama wants to all illegal aliens to waltze into USA -progressive.
The media manipulates the truth, lies daily to the people- progressive.

'PROGRESSIVE' has been highjacked from the dictionary meaning to use for crime.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You got that exactly right, Jen.