Monday, May 19, 2008

Taliban Now Blowing Up Kids To Attack Coalition Forces

The monstrous hatefulness and evilness of the Taliban cannot be exaggerated or overemphasized.

Story here.

It was the utter cruelty of the attack Friday that wounded two Canadians and took life of an Afghan soldier on patrol in Zhari district that has made if even the most weather-beaten, battle-hardended faces blanche.

Afghan police initially placed his age at between 10 and 12 years, but over the weekend one official in the troubled district said the child may have been 13-years-old.

What investigators were trying to determine as they sifted through the evidence over the weekend was if the boy's bomb vest was remotely activated by a militant somewhere nearby, timed to go off - or whether the child flipped the switch himself.

There was speculation that since the child approached the troops with his hands raised, the timing of the attack was not up to him.


"To recruit children is pure and utter cowardice."

This is the Taliban. These are the folks that Leftists think we should "sit down and talk to".

No. First the Taliban surrenders unconditionally and then we'll talk to them. Otherwise...

I mean, what good would it have done to sit down and talk to the Nazis? Chamberlain had already proven that it's a waste of effort.

When it comes to those whose entire raison d'etre is to simply kill you, to try to sit down and talk is something that only happens in James Bond movies. What, do you expect to be offered a drink and pleasant, intelligent, sophisticated, cultured repartee prior to being tied up and dropped into a shark tank or being castrated by a big laser?

Speaking of sharks, you can't negotiate with sharks, either, although comparing Taliban to sharks isn't quite accurate. The Taliban is much worse. I'd rather take my chances with sharks, for I know that, despite being potentially deadly, at least they aren't evil, aren't hateful and don't want to kill you just because you're different.

Evil people are in a class by themselves. No animal other than man is quite so dangerous, for only man has the capacity to be evil.