Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Public School Allowed To Teach Islam

...although it's against the law for public schools there to promote religion.

But when we're talking about Islam and Muslims, they always seem to be granted exceptions, unlike, for example, Christians.

Whither the ACLU on this? Don't they care that Muslims are specially, exclusively getting to violate the "separation of Mosque and state"?

Oh, and the radical Muslim American Society is involved in after-school activities there. They're said to be a front group for the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps the root of much of the world's Islamic extremism and xenophobic hatred.

Apparently the academy is in violation of Minnesota state law by allowing Friday Muslim prayers on school grounds. This is in addition to the daily 5-minute prayers in the school between Monday and Thursday. The Friday Islamic prayer session lasts for a half-hour and results in the students not meeting state requirements for total time under classroom instruction. The Star Tribune report also points out that “Letting teachers participate, even though they don’t lead prayers, may give students the impression that the school endorses Islam.”


“The school does not provide busing for students immediately after classes, instead it waits until the end of after-school activities, which include a religious studies course run by the Muslim American Society that more than half the students take.”

Unacceptable. It's no different, nor any less dangerous, than having neo-Nazis run white supremacism courses at a school.