Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Canadian Moonbats Exhibit Harper Derangement Syndrome

Above: If this image isn't highly inappropriate and deranged, then nothing is.

Disgusting, brain-scrambled moonbattery. h/t:

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Access to Information documents released by the band's lawyer yesterday show the RCMP's Integrated National Security Enforcement Team took a look at the group last year as a result of the band's outspoken and politically active drummer, Jeffrey Monaghan.

Pictured below, brandishing a wooden stick and clenching his teeth, is the moonbat himself. (For some reason he reminds me of Warren Kinsella, another infamous moonbat)

Jeffrey Monaghan, the moonbat

Monaghan was alleged last spring to have leaked the environmental plan of the Conservative government, and was marched in handcuffs by the RCMP out of his contract job at Environment Canada.


"Subject is a self-described anarchist and drummer in a punk band that compares (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper to Hitler," says an RCMP report dated two days after Monaghan's May 9, 2007 arrest.

The band's MySpace page depicts a "9/11 type drawing showing an airplane crashing into the Parliament; there is also anti-Harper songs from the band," says an assistance request from the national security team to the Tech Crime unit.

Leftists might think that that Monaghan character is cool or something. But he's clearly a whacked-out supermodel of modern moonbattery.

Nice going, Jeff! You're a wonderful role model! Definitely someone after whom all children ought to take. NOT!