Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sleep Loss Causes Brainfarts: Study


This makes me want to suggest to my leftist readers that they get more sleep. A good eight hours a night, every night. It just might make them better able to perceive and understand reality.

Being deprived of sleep even for one night makes the brain unstable and prone to sudden shutdowns akin to a power failure - brief lapses that hover between sleep and wakefulness, according to researchers.

Leftists do frequently exhibit such symptoms.

"It's as though it is both asleep and awake and they are switching between each other very rapidly," said David Dinges of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, whose study appears in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Ahah! Could this be the solution to the mystery of Leftist Mental Disorder? Are all those nights spent awake, drinking, getting stoned and screwing their brains out the cause of their irritating inability to properly perceive and to understand the real world?

Ok, well, maybe I was a little too nasty in singling out leftists here. Of course, the findings will apply to everyone, both leftist folks and normal folks.

So skip that night of boozing your brains out and get a good night's sleep instead. You'll feel a lot smarter and less moonbatty tomorrow!