Saturday, May 10, 2008

China Preparing For Nuclear War: MI6

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In an unusual development, the analysts have provided details to the specialist defense periodical, Jane's Intelligence Review, which published satellite images of the base location which is hidden beneath millions of tons of rock on the South China Sea island of Hainan.

The MI6 analysts have confirmed the submarine base hewn out of the rock will contain up to 20 of the latest C94 Jin-Class submarines, each capable of firing anti-satellite missiles and nuclear tipped rockets.

Knocking out the satellites would leave Taiwan, Japan and other countries around the Pacific Rim effectively without a key warning system. An attack also would disrupt vital communications between U.S. battle squadrons in the region and Washington.

Now we know why the Communists apparently ordered their fighter pilot to bump into that US spyplane back in 2001 and why they captured the plane and its crew... apparently to protect the secrecy of the strategic base...

The base is sited at Sanya on the southern tip of Hainan Island . The island came to the attention of Western intelligence in April 2001, when a U.S. EP-3 spy plane trying to test the island's electronic defenses was forced to land there by Chinese fighters, one of which crashed in the sea killing the pilot.


Defensive... or offensive? We don't know. And I recommend we take no chances. Ignore the Left's suicidal call to reduce military spending in the Free World... and do the opposite, for we must, absolutely, be prepared just in case...

The parallels with Hitler's Third Reich are unmissable. The massive, continuing, apparent preparation for full-scale world warfare, the genocide against the Falun Gong, the Olympics... and the international appeasement of these tyrants, in the futile hope that being nice to those Communist monsters will make them not want to try to take over the world by massively destructive force...

Is history repeating itself?