Tuesday, May 20, 2008

'Human Rights' Commission Under Criminal Investigation By RCMP

Good. Because it's a crime against Humanity, a crime against Canada and against the Canadian People to violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to take away peoples' rights, particularly while breaking laws in so doing.

Story here. ht: NationalNewswatch.com

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have begun an investigation into alleged criminal conduct by members of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The conduct in question was revealed at an extraordinary hearing on March 25th, a hearing the CHRC desperately tried to keep closed to the press.

An officer of Bell Canada, appearing under a subpoena, testified that the CHRC had hacked into a private citizen's Internet account, to cover their electronic tracks as they surfed anti-Semitic websites under the alias "Jadewarr". You can read the transcript of the hearing here -- a transcript the CHRC did not release to the public.

The victim of the CHRC's illegal hacking, Nelly Hechme, told reporters that she was "completely shocked" by the CHRC's conduct. Canada's Privacy Commissioner, who has jurisdiction over the CHRC, is now investigating the matter.

Read all about it for yourself and discover just how far the Liberal Fascists of so-called "Human Rights" Commissions will go to take away our rights and ruin our lives in the name of extreme left-wing political correctness fascism.

Let's abolish all "human rights" commissions. They're all the same, after all. Do we want hateful fascists being paid from out of our pockets to take away our Charter rights? NO!

UPDATE: Ezra Levant discussed this on CTV NewsNet's Mike Duffy Live (with some quite strong words being said about Richard Warman). The story, according to Duffy, will also be given full coverage tonight on the national CTV News (10 PM Eastern).

Pity it takes an actual criminal investigation for the MSM to finally start reporting properly about the CHRC. Why don't they also tell Canadians that the "human rights" commissions are actually taking peoples' rights away instead of upholding them? Why? Surely taking peoples' rights away is a crime, or ought to be. Or is it a political thing? Ah, that's it... it's a political thing, this taking away of peoples' rights in order to convict them without a fair trial, without evidence, etc, etc, with each and every one of the accused being convicted without exception, at least the non-politically-correct/non-leftist accused, that is. Hmm... the more word gets out that leftists are ok with taking away the rights of those who disagree with their radically extreme, fascist "progressive" agenda, the more the Canadian People will see the left as dangerously hateful and requiring marginalization, pretty much as are the imaginary "neo-Nazis" the ultra-far-left-wing HR apparatchiks pursue (while totally ignoring all hateful Islamic fascists, for example, amongst other hateful folks the left refuses to deem hateful, whilst hunting for and breaking laws to try to entrap just one specific identifiable group of alleged "haters" [namely heterosexual, "white", non-Muslim people], be they real "haters" or falsely accused by the leftofascists for ideological-political-agenda reasons). In short, the left is racist, and the "human rights" commissions do appear to be racist as well and appear to be imposing their racism and other kinds of intolerance upon whomever they dislike.

Leftists and the HR apparatchiks believe that certain identifiable groups are capable (and guilty, if they want to deem them so for any reason whatsoever, real or fabricated) of being "hateful" while others are not. This is discriminatory and hateful in and of itself!

And they are now under criminal investigation.

Whatever happened to their mandate of simply hearing and mediating complaints of alleged discrimination in employment and housing? What made them turn into fascists and haters themselves? How did this happen?