Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scouts Fight For Rights

Story here.

Imagine if, instead of giving the ultimatum to the Boy Scouts, they gave it to, say, a large Islamic organization.

Imagine if Philadelphia gave the Islamic organization an ultimatum to the effect that they had to allow "gays" and atheists to belong to their organization. You can't, can you? They wouldn't dare, not for Islamists, as they know the consequences of offending that group.

What if the "gay" militant group EGALE were told that they had to accept religious minorities who were staunchly opposed to homosexuality for religious reasons? Like hell this would happen.

No consequences for offending the Scouts? Well, it appears that the Scouts are going to be fighting back.

I hope the judge they face isn't a far-left activist. Left-wing-activist judges are never fair nor do they just stick to their job; they always favor certain groups over others, regardless of the letter of the law and even regardless of the Constitution as written and intended.

What if I were to one day start an organization that celebrates and honors the Knights of the Crusades? What if one day a bunch of Islamic supremacist-imperialists were to get some government to tell my organization that it must allow membership by hateful Islamofascists or else lose our headquarters? Well, I'd be pretty mad over that and wouldn't submit. I'd start a crusade against my attackers in court, too! Like hell they'll get away with trying to plunder and pillage my organization's rights!

Equal rights for all is the only acceptable situation. Rights for some but not for others is an unacceptable situation.