Thursday, May 22, 2008

Liberal Leader Dion Less Popular Than Bush?

Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion, above, reacts to the news that only one in ten Canadians think he's any good as a politician.

Surely, even US President Bush must have an approval rating above the measly ten percent being suffered by the hapless (or should I say "hopeless"?) Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion!


Not since former Liberal leader John Turner bottomed out with a 14 per cent approval rating shortly after losing the 1988 election have things been so bad for the head of Canada's most successful political party. Just 10 per cent of those surveyed stand behind Dion's leadership, the poll shows, compared to 32 per cent for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

What's worse is that the number of people who said they were unsure about Dion's performance has dropped from 46 per cent at the end of last summer to 30 per cent this month, meaning that Canadians are making up their minds about a leader who has had difficulties rallying his party behind him as well as communicating his party's positions to potential voters.

I think that Stephane Dion, what with his terrible and sinking approval numbers and his bizarre, sure-to-be-soundly-rejected carbon tax policy will prove to be a perfect storm, battering the Liberals badly, all the way up to the next election, whenever it may be.

That said, I'm watching with a little smirk as the Liberals continue to allow this hopeless little dweeb to carry the white flag for them.

I note also with bemusement the left-leaning media types and pundits who apparently believe that the Liberal carbon tax policy will prove to be a popular proposal with Canadians. Geez... exactly how much "green" stuff have they been a-smokin'? Like feck Canadians want to pay even more than they already are for their energy needs! I'm reminded of Joe Clark's disaster of a gas-tax-hike proposal back in '79, which led to the return of Pierre Trudeau, who nevertheless raised gas taxes in addition to having devastated Western Canada's energy sector and economy with the hated-with-an-undying-passion-by-Westerners "National Energy Program", sparking an unprecedented separatist movement there that surged rather dangerously during the last Liberal regime.

Now that Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are energy-producing provinces and enjoying the financial benefits therefrom, I predict that these provinces will join with the western provinces in soundly rejecting the Liberal carbon tax policy. Like hell they'll willingly go back to have-not status... they need a carbon tax like they need a bullet in the head!

Sooner or later the Liberal Party's numbers will have to plummet as well. "Leader" Dion is becoming heavier and heavier ballast... too much ballast and the ship will either have to dump it or sink.