Friday, May 23, 2008

Carbon Tax Bad For Poor: NDP Leader

Who cares about the poor? Liberal 'leader' Stephane Dion would impose a carbon tax that would literally have poor Canadians freezing in the dark. His claim that he'd cut income taxes to balance the hardship brought by the carbon tax simply wouldn't help the poor, who pay little or no tax. Worse, he'd raise the GST, which would also hurt the poor, who have no choice but to pay it for things such as food, clothing, school supplies and other necissities.

"Let the poor freeze naked and starve in the dark"... is this the new Liberal philosophy of "caring and compassion"?

New Democrat leader Jack Layton is correct that a carbon tax, as proposed by Liberal 'leader' Stephane Dion, would be hurtful for the poor.

If you're poor, or if you care about the poor, don't vote Liberal. Don't vote Liberal anyway, as a carbon tax will hurt everyone... except a Liberal government, who would haul in our money hand over fist...

Apparently Liberals must hate poor people. Apparently Liberals want to take as much away from everyone that they can, no matter how little we may have to surrender.