Saturday, May 19, 2007

Venezuelans Protest Chavez Regime's Censorship

Above: Venezuelans protest against Communist tyrant Hugo Chavez's censorship of opposition TV channel
Meanwhile, below: Chavez presents his "lover", Cuba's Commie tyrant Fidel Castro, with a strange-looking "toy" to play with in his absence...

Story here. h/t: Drudge Report
CARACAS (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of protesters on Saturday denounced President Hugo Chavez's plans to close an opposition television channel, accusing their leader of maiming Venezuelan democracy as he forges a socialist state.
The son of a dog!
"Let us defend democracy, let us defend freedom, let us defend free independent media such as RCTV," RCTV's managing director, Marcel Garnier, told demonstrators in Caracas.

"Or we will allow the president to topple the country over the precipice of totalitarianism where not even his own supporters can express their opinions," he said as the crowd waved flags, applauded and blew whistles.
Chavez has vowed not to renew RCTV's broadcast license when it expires on May 27. It will be replaced by a state channel showing programs that promote the values of Chavez's self-styled leftist revolution. He accuses RCTV's saucy soap operas of spreading immorality.
Eww! Sounds like Hugo wants to copy the Liberal-biased state broadcaster, the CBC, in Canada! I wouldn't want to wish such a piece of stinking crap on the poor, oppressed, tyrannized Venezuelans! They already have enough problems, starting with Hugo Chavez himself, who caused the problems to begin with, putting at least half of the country out of work in the name of "socialism" and much more!
I spit in contempt on Hugo Chavez, his evil ideology and the other tyrants whose asses he wetly licks like a pathetic little mongrel!
I also dare the Free World so-called "liberals" to loudly demonstrate in support of the oppressed people of Venezuela and condemn Hugo Chavez! And I dare the MSM to follow suit!
Not going to happen, I'm afraid.