Thursday, May 31, 2007

Russia Engaging in Propaganda War, Starting Arms Race With Free World

Russian dictator Vlad Putin shows his true face

Story here. h/t: Drudge

(...)saying the recent test of a new Russian missile was a direct response to US actions and condemning "imperialism" in world affairs.

Excuse me? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black, Mr. KGB Guy? Who the hell are you to point the finger and project? Typical moonbat. Always projecting his own faults upon others in a lame, futile attempt to fool people into believing he's innocent of the very charges he falsely levies!

"We are not the initiators of this new round of the arms race," Putin said.

Well, Vlad, that's debatable. But one thing's for certain: You are only too pleased to keep upping the ante:

In one missile test Tuesday, a prototype of new Russia's intercontinental ballistic missile, called the RS-24, was fired from a mobile launcher at the Plesetsk launch site in northwestern Russia and its test warhead landed on target 3,400 miles away on the Far Eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, officials said. Russia's military also tested a new cruise missile based on the existing short-range Iskander missile.

"We will keep modernizing our potential," Putin said.

Bloody hell! And the liberals in the Free World want us to get rid of all our weapons! What the hell will we be then? Sitting ducks! Sitting, nuked-to-a-crisp ducks! "Duck Kiev", if you prefer, as do the liberals...

New arms race? Very well. Whether we want it or not, we have no choice. Time to build more Russkie-toasting bombs just to maintain the reality of mutually assured destruction! Hear that, Vlad? And we know you have your guys walking amongst us, doing whatever espionage and whatever sabotage you assign them. Yes, we know. We know what you dingleberries have been up to since the Cold War's early years. Sure, our liberals think you, like fellow bumbuggers Castro and Chavez, are a nice guy and that we're the baddies, but our liberals are stupid. The rest of us, those of us whom you ought to fear (a lot), those of us who really matter... we will not stand down. We will not drop trou and grab our ankles for you! So... it's your move. The more you do this shit, the more easily we will be able to do whatever it takes to counter your threats with preparation for nuclear armageddon. The Evil Empire is once again on notice. The spirit of Ronald Reagan will soon be reincarnated... And your useful idiots will suddenly become utterly useless to you stinking, mangy, feeble, vodka-swilling old bears, what with their cover being blown so thoroughly, no longer enjoying their free, if false, credibility and authority as they once had... Indeed, McCarthyism will come back into vogue!

Now I guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on my food from now on... never taking my eye off it for a second, lest some ugly undercover Russkie bumbugger in a plaid blazer sprinkle it with polonium or dioxin or something... after all, we know full well how the bumbugging Russkie bears operate!