Saturday, May 19, 2007

Maurice Strong Seriously Ill: CFP

Maurice Strong, recently self-exiled to China following his name being linked to the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, may be seriously ill and worsening.
Canada Free Press (CFP) has been flagged by the friend of a neighbour of Hanne and Maurice Strong in Crestone, Colorado that the Canadian catalyst of the Kyoto Protocol has been ill for some time, and has taken a serious turn for the worse.
The 78-year-old Strong, who seemed to disappear from the international radar screen when his name became linked to the United Nations Oil for Food scandal in 2005, went to live quietly in China, a country he has long touted as the superpower poised to replace the United States of America.
During this period, Strong teamed up with currency speculator George Soros as an investor in the Chinese manufactured Chery car, which was to flood the American market by 2007.
Strong is reported to be in a hospital in the US and his wife, Hanne is said to have been closing her husband's business affairs in China.
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Read it all. Can anyone confirm or add to this story?