Saturday, May 19, 2007

Iranian Police Savagely Beat Man for Having Beer

Story here. Painful-looking photograph of the man's multiple injuries at the link.


"We were on an outing with family and friends, six or seven in the evening, and were having a barbecue and enjoying ourselves. Altogether I drank two beers. The police happened to drive by," Mamandy said.

He said that he was immediately arrested and taken to the police station where he was sentenced to 130 lashes. This sentence, for beer drinking, was carried out publicly according to news agency Iran Focus.

"I received 130 lashes on the back of my body. Police whipped me," Mamandy said.

Hmm... this is "justice" in Iran. Conviction and sentencing are immediate, no trial. It all happens with the police. Judge, jury and whipper/executioner. Nice regime. Nice "religion".

Many liberals who support the totalitarian Iranian regime, which has promised to commit international genocide as well as wiping out Israel and America, themselves enjoy plenty of beer. How would they like to be savagely whipped 130 times for simply having a nice, cold one or two? I dare the liberals to go to Iran and have a couple of brewskis if they say this whole incident is a lie! Go ahead, liberals... if you think you can have alcohol in Iran and not end up being whipped 130 times, go right ahead and prove it!

Like hell the liberals will care what happens in Iran. All they care is that no one bother these barbarians. Liberals would probably have said "No War In Germany" during WWII even if they knew about the Holocaust! They'd have said "No War in Japan" even after Pearl Harbor. Today they say "No War in Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran/"Palestine"/Lebanon" and so on like brainless zombies. They don't care about human rights at all, no matter how horribly these rights are being violated worldwide.

In fact, they condemn their own Free World countries for nothing! The non-Free World is always right, can never do any wrong, as far as liberals are concerned, whereas the Free World is always wrong and must be allowed to be taken over by Communists, Islamists and other evil forces.

How on earth can any intelligent person take liberals seriously when they talk about "human rights" and so on? Liberals clearly don't care... and we know it. And they know it. We prove it to them all the time and they just darn us to heck for speaking the truth.

Oh, screw the liberals... totally!

Iran. Nice country. Islam. Nice "religion". Eh?