Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Leftists Suing Govt Over "Kyoto"

I say it's another frivolous lawsuit by confused, ill-advised folks who don't understand what's what; who only think what they believe they're supposed to think.

The "Kyoto Protocol" is nothing more than another sinister attempt at global statism, disguised in the deceptive sheep's clothing of caring about the environment, the climate and about people. Kyoto actually erodes national sovereignty via allowing the global-statist movement to tell nation-states what they can and cannot do and, as far as I'm concerned, is essentially an attack on the national sovereignty of Canada, happily (and stupidly, not to mention perhaps greedily, as I'd suspect many Liberals stand to profit from the Protocol's "emissions credits" trading scheme, which will do absolutely nothing to reduce emissions) invited as a Trojan Horse by the previous Liberal regime.

It would be much more useful, in my opinion, to sue the Liberal Party of Canada for the monies it stole from the Canadian people. I'm thinking about a figure of approximately $40 million. So let's instead sue the Liberals to recover our tax dollars. Doing so would be far more useful to Canadians and Canada than submitting to foreign interests, including those of our enemies.

Isn't it amusing how the left finds one false "religion" after another, unable to stick to its supposed convictions? With these fine folks, it's one stupid, annoying, inconvenient thing after another. I'm convinced that liberals have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and urge them to see psychiatrists who will hopefully help them with a prescription for Ritalin. Personally, I prescribe the therapy of hardcore iron pumping in the gym. Nothing, no drug ever conceived, will soothe one's nerves, nor allow one to focus on whatever one wants for however long one needs, as will pumping iron. The positive effects are long-lasting and only require maintenance via visits to the gym about every other day or so. But I digress, as I'm allowed, this being my blog and all...

I'm annoyed to no end that the left insists on a global-statist agenda with respect to Canada's environmental health. Why on earth would Canadians want to surrender their sovereign right to choose how to make changes to protect their environment? It's our country! We are sovereign! The "Kyoto Protocol" is, in my view, illegal, unconstitutional, un-Canadian! Shame on the Liberals for signing and ratifying this sovereignty-eroding document which, by the way, allows enemy nations, such as Putin's criminal-imperialist Russia and evil Communist China, to do as they please. Just think about that!

Let's repeal our ratification of this anti-Canadian document, the "Kyoto Protocol", and develop a custom, sovereign, made-in-Canada approach to our own environment. Canada is, after all, our country and the global-statistists are strongly advised to butt right out of our affairs!