Sunday, May 20, 2007

Amnesty Deal a Backdoor Entry to NA Union?

Story here.
Have they fooled us in Washington? What's really going on? Is it about even more than the illegal aliens?
(All emphasis mine):
WASHINGTON – The controversial "Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007," which would grant millions of illegal aliens the right to stay in the U.S. under certain conditions, contains provisions for the acceleration of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, a plan for North American economic and defense integration, WND has learned.

The bill, as worked out by Senate and White House negotiators, cites the SPP agreement signed by President Bush and his counterparts in Mexico and Canada March 23, 2005 – an agreement that has been criticized as a blueprint for building a European Union-style merger of the three countries of North America.

"It is the sense of Congress that the United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico, which will lead to reduced migration," the draft legislation states on page 211 on the version time-stamped May 18, 2007 11:58 p.m.
Huh? Look at that. That was added quite late- two minutes to midnight, just before Friday turned into Saturday, which was just yesterday. WTF? What does this sound like to you? What the hell's going on? And the fact that it's a deal between the Democrats and the White House under Bush doesn't bode well at all for the future of the United States of America.
It's time for the good people of the United States of America to rise up and shout, "NO!" My American friends, never, never forget: this is your country. It is not the Bush-Democrat country to do with however they please notwithstanding what the people want. You don't have to wait till the next election to "send your message". You must stand up and holler NOW!
You must inject some sense into your elected officials. Unless you do, they'll see this apathy as a blank check to do whatever they want. America doesn't work this way.
Should you fail to act now against this undemocratic, backdoor bipartisan behavior by these power-intoxicated politicians who've clearly come to think that whatever they do they'll get away with, then you just might wake up one day to find that "your" country has suddenly become a whole different country!
You must make it unambiguously clear to Washington that you, the people, will not tolerate any backroom, backdoor deals leading to such a massive geopolitical metamorphosis which the people never, never asked for and have already made it clear, perhaps too quietly so far, that they don't want. And it doesn't even matter whether you're liberal or conservative. (Liberals, however, being as they are, might uncaringly, apathetically submit, as they see the so-called "Democrats" onside with whatever's going on here).
Hmm... you know, a "North American Union" would be neither "democratic" in its genesis, nor "republican" in its nature. If the American people just apathetically submit to the politicians' imposing against the will of the people, then America's neither democratic nor republican anymore.
Now, this bill still might die and America as a democracy and a republic will still be preserved... but only if the people rise up and shout "NO!" to what's going on.
As for up here in Canada, fortunately, I see no such underhanded moves in the direction of a NAU. But should it happen, I will not remain silent.
It's up to the people. Whatever our partisan preference, we can all agree that we love our countries and want to keep them. We don't want a new country.