Saturday, April 12, 2008

The 'Libel' Chill Suit By Richard Warman: The Ominous Fallout

Kate McMillan, one of the many defendants, weighs in with the implications for the future of freedom of expression in Canada, no matter where one may reside on the ideological spectrum.

I wonder how many of you have paused to consider your own databases, and the google caches they lurk in? Have you thought about how you might be called to account for readers who have accused me of being bought and paid for by politicians? Of being a "Nazi sympathizer"? Who've denigrated my artwork? Who have posted fabricated "quotes" they've attributed to me?

Because, in case you haven't noticed, there's really no way for me to lose. I may shell out a few dollars over this complaint, but the precedent will be a gold mine. The Canadian left have provided me the fodder for a full time career as a plaintiff.


But, set that aside for the moment - have your commentors accused Brian Mulroney of criminal activity? Jean Chretien? Grant Devine? Every premier in the history of British Columbia? They're all private citizens, they all know good lawyers.

And as a commentor accessing this medium - what then? Welcome to your new role as "Exhibit A". (...)

This is the fine mess into which Richard Warman is plunging Canadians. And that includes absolutely everyone, no matter how far on the left they may be, no matter how much they believe that being a leftist immunizes them from everything and anything in terms of negative consequences for one's actions and words. That's right, all left-wing extremists out there: You will suffer consequences stemming from the precedent should Richard Warman win.

Should Warman win, then freedom of expression in Canada will be subject to lawsuits by people who consider, say, mere opinions as "libel".

So, leftists, better watch what you call Conservative politicians and private citizens from now on. No more demonizing; for they just might sue YOU someday! And win!

Therefore, it's in everyone's interest to oppose Richard Warman's lawsuit, demand the abolition of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, demand the scrapping of Section 13.1 of the CHRA, and support the victims of Richard Warman's "libel" suit.

Aren't you starting to "get it", leftists? Or are you too stupid?