Monday, April 14, 2008

Canada Continues Crackdown on Terrorism

Focusing this time on the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) terrorist group.

Behind the scenes, out of the public eye...

The counterterrorists are quietly looking for the enemy amongst us, gathering evidence via careful investigation and, when least expected, descend upon them.

Counterterrorism police in Quebec and Ontario effectively shut down a non-profit organization for Canadian Tamils this weekend due to allegations it has been raising money to finance terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

The RCMP was expected to announce details of its unprecedented actions as early as today, but several sources said police had moved in to enforce a Federal Court restraining order against the World Tamil Movement.

The WTM's offices in Montreal and Toronto have been under police investigation for six years, and were raided by police in 2006. While no charges have yet resulted, the decision to seek a restraining order suggests Ottawa is aggressively pursuing the group.

...I'd suggest to other terrorist-supporting organizations that they might as well cease and desist and go away, lest they, too, be similarly "inconvenienced". Canada doesn't want terrorists or terrorist supporters carrying on subversive crap within her borders and is diligently keeping her eye on all who would dare masquerade as charities and businesses for the purpose of laundering funds to dangerous extremist groups such as terrorist organizations.

Crying the wolf of "racial profiling" is old already and isn't going to work anymore. We know that there's no "racial profiling" going on, for it's never been proven to happen. Besides, if it was happening, it'd be plainly obvious, as happens in such regimes as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia... all regimes connected to the facilitation of terrorism, racism, murder, genocide...