Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CHRC Fascist Hacks Neighbor's Wireless Router To Post Hate Online

Isn't it a crime to do such a thing?

The state... a fascist node thereof... known for taking away peoples' rights to achieve a 100% conviction rate for, usually, "thought crimes" (whatever they deem "hate")... did that, via one of its so-called "Human Rights" agents.

Wow! Who was the target of this agent? Was it someone from Al Qaeda? Was it a most-wanted Communist spy?


Just some guy named Marc Lemire whose website they deemed to be "hateful" somehow.

But they needed "evidence", so someone from the so-called "Canadian Human Rights Commission" figured the best way to get some is via entrapment, hopefully cajoling some kind of "hate speech" out of the website owner, and to break the law in so doing. Note that if they had had evidence of "hate" already, they wouldn't have had to try to encourage anyone to say something "hateful". Funny how they deem "hate" without evidence, isn't it? No wonder they go fishing and witchhunting like this!

When Mr. Steacy began posting messages on hate sites as "jadewarr," he was sufficiently Internet savvy not to leave any ISP information that could be traced back to the CHRC. He didn't want Marc Lemire looking at his server logs and noticing any unusual interest from anything ending in "gc.ca." So Mr. Steacy disconnected himself from the office Internet, and looked around for alternative wireless connections. He found one belonging to a young lady whose apartment is a block away from CHRC headquarters in Ottawa. Without obtaining a warrant, he connected to her server, and in effect used her as his cover for his "jadewarr" postings. Last week, a representative from Bell Canada named the lady in open court, since when her name has been reported in the newspapers. Let's say in 10 years' time, this woman applies for a job in, oh, Sarnia or Moose Jaw or Des Moines, and her prospective employer decides to Google her name, and what comes up is all very complicated and hard to follow but she seems to have something to do with some white supremacist investigation back in 2008.

No, she doesn't. She's a blameless woman moved into the line of fire to cover Dean Steacy's tracks. If I were her, I'd be contemplating one monsteroo lawsuit against the CHRC for their appropriation of her identity.

I hope she sues the excrement out of the fascists. We can't have fascists going around saying that everyone who says stuff they don't like is a "hater" or whatever bad word. After all, while there certainly are some hateful folks out there, no doubt about it, we at the same time can't have the state apparatus going around doing whatever the hell it wants to whomever it wants to get whatever it wants no matter what it takes.

This isn't Iran. This isn't Russia. This isn't Red China.

This is Canada. And this sort of thing happens here, believe it or not. And it's condoned by "progressives", such as are represented in the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and the Bloc, who don't want to put a stop to this, seeing as they refuse to agree that the section of the "Human Rights Act" that gives rise to this unconstitutional fascism must be abolished, that they want it to continue.

The Conservatives haven't really taken a position yet. But I believe that it's wise to let the whole thing play out, all the truth about the whole Liberal Fascist scam come out and cause widespread public outrage. Then it'll be far easier to take action to remedy the situation. Smart. Of course, a majority in Parliament and some kind of Senate reform will be required, else we just might still have this Liberal Fascism nonsense continue, as it clearly is, with Richard Warman now at the Department of National Defence, jackbooting our warriors for whatever he wants, being a nasty bully about it, too. Oh, and Ezra Levant, de-facto leader of the revolution against Liberal Fascism in Canada, has another post up about another spotless CHRC fascist, someone who wasn't acceptable as a police officer, but who is perfect for the CHRC.

When I first came across this blog post, I admit I didn't believe it: "Sandy" Kozak, the Canadian Human Rights Commission officer investigating Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine, is the same as "Sandra" Kozak, the former Ottawa-area cop drummed out of the Carleton Place Municipal Police Service for "discreditable conduct" -- she had an improper relationship with a serial criminal. Kozak was too corrupt to be a real police officer, but she was just right for the CHRC, which snapped her up.

Nice. The Liberal Fascists recruit such well-qualified-for-the-special-job-of-exalted-hate-stamper-outer characters. This'll help protect our human rights from abuse. Sure. Of course!

Anyway, do read the stuff at the links. It's worthwhile, especially if you have little or no idea that state fascism actually happens in Canada, and that it's driven by "progressive" forces.

These state fascists would call themselves "progressive" for imposing at all costs their special views on everything. But, you know, North Korea claims to be "democratic" and the Chinese government claims that its agencies belong to "The People". Time honored practice, this, calling something bad something good to fool folks into thinking you're good, not bad.

Well, the "progressives" aren't fooling intelligent, wide-awake people anymore...

Oh, and I'd like to know whether they do the same things to Islamic fascists posting hate online and saying and doing hateful stuff and so on? There's lots of hate coming from Islamic fascists, so why don't the CHRCers go after them?