Sunday, March 15, 2015

Radical Communists, Bolsheviks, Islamists Oppose Canada's Fight Against Terrorism

Angry, extremist, communist, Islamist, progressive, liberal-left, social-justice, Occupooper, whatever, you name it.  They're all there representing the Hard Left.

They oppose Prime Minister Stephen Harper's agenda of fighting terrorism.  Even though they generally have no idea what's in Bill C-51 they "protest" against and think there's lots of crazy things in it that aren't.

They do NOT represent mainstream Canadiana at all and are offside with the values of Canadians.

They are radical, revolutionary extremists.  They are not regular folks.  Call 'em Bolsheviks, whatever you want.  They're Useful Idiots for sure.  Of course, there's some community organizers as well, as somebody's gotta tell 'em where to go, give them expensive, professionally-printed signs, what slogans and talking points to bellow, etc.  Funny how many of these folks haven't a clue what's what.  They're just planted to holler and hold up expensive professional signs.  Probably paid.  I wouldn't be surprised if some funding for this bunch's stunt could ultimately be traced back to the likes of George Soros, following investigation of the organizers, their connections and the connections of their connections, following of the money trail, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Damn he's found out that the biggest supporter of the Anti-capitalist movement is a rich capitalist. Amazing genius here.