Sunday, March 01, 2015

Goldman Sachs CEO: A Communist Masquerading as a Free Marketer

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“..He said inequality isn’t necessarily being caused by the affluent. Instead, Goldman’s CEO said the gap between the rich and the poor has been driven by “the rise of technology” and the “winner take all market.”

“In one sign of growing inequality, a recent Urban Institute report shows whites now have 12 times the wealth of blacks and nearly 10 times more than Hispanics. That’s up from seven times for blacks and six times for Hispanics in 1995.

“We have to do a better job” of distributing wealth, he said. “Everybody has to join in.”
“So what does the Goldman chief say needs to be done to fight inequality?

“He said the government needs to invest more on training, education and housing to ensure everyone has free or cheap access.

Intelligent people with minds of their own will not be manipulated by all those politically-correct, leftist talking points.  Especially coming from wealthy capitalists... or rather, wealthy, Democratic Party-supporting communist elites who exploit capitalism to soak ordinary, non-wealthy proles, keep them down with high taxes and regulation so as to remain the wealthy, elite few they enjoy being.

No matter how one may spin it, my own analysis of what the CEO of Goldman Sachs said is indicative that he's as much a communist as is Barack Hussein Obama.  It's to be seen in the words he spoke.  Particularly in how he brought RACE into the discussion of "having to better redistribute wealth" to supposedly "make the economy more accessible to all".

But that isn't what would be done, because his ilk, ie. Democrats and RINOs, do NOT want the many to have better access to the wealth that the Elites like himself et al want to keep most of so that they can continue to play puppetmaster with the many.

Bringing RACE, ie. black, hispanic, into his communication was the most telling thing he said.  No doubt he knows that America does NOT have any barriers to black/hispanic citizens being able to participate equally, should they so choose and do what it takes to do so.  The reality is that the Democrats, aided and abetted by go-along fake-"Republicans", do NOT want too many people, including blacks/hispanics, to equally participate in the economy.  Why not?  Simple.  They want to keep them down, out, dumb and dependent on state-enforced redistributions of wealth, mostly from the Middle Class (mostly white).  So that the wealthy Elites can keep most of the wealth while taking advantage of loopholes, both legal and illegal (but not ordinarily prosecuted if taken) to escape many taxes, no matter how high they may be for the wealthy...

In short, pure, unadulterated capitalism is the ONLY way to equality regardless of race.  The reason why so many wealthy elitists fear real free market enterprise without undue, excessive regulation/wealth redistribution (higher taxes)... is that they benefit from excessive regulation and from higher taxes on the non-wealthy.  How this is, one will need to think about.  Corruption.  Cronyism.  Crony capitalism due to supporting corrupt, cronyist politicians who, in turn, help the Elites make more money. 

And this is the nature of communism in the contemporary moment.  It's changed.  It's more subtle, more sophisticated, more deceptive.  But it's wealthy, elite, powerful, unethical, immoral communists exploiting capitalism to further both their wealth and their goals for social transformation on a local, national and global scale.

And this is to be exposed and ended.  For it is simply untenable for the People.

Capitalism cannot be something mostly enjoyed by the (global communist) power elite.  It must be fully accessible to all who do what it takes to access it.  Redistribution of wealth will never make this happen, most especially as long as high regulation favors the elites over ordinary citizens.


Terry Rudden said...

"my own analysis of what the CEO of Goldman Sachs said is indicative that he's as much a communist as is Barack Hussein Obama."

LOL. Yes, that would be correct.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm. So you agree Obama is a commie, then?

Terry Rudden said...

I agree that Obama and the CEO of Goldman Sachs are equally "commie", yes. Also the Pope. Don't forget some of the commie things the Pope has been saying lately.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, yes, indeed. Remember, organizations, which are run by mere mortals, are as imperfect and corruptible as those mortals who run them. Ergo...

And communism, "progressivism", whatever it's called, whatever variation on the theme, is, of course, based on the corruption and greed of the few who seek to self-enrich at the expense of the many. That is not what the free market is about because then everyone's free to rise up based on ability and willingness to do what it takes, whereas under communism, this is not the case.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Yeah, the Pope.
A promised man from the new world.
Pure blooded Italian Jesuit. A socialist "Black" Pope to herald the New World Order.

Lessons from history again. The Church and the Catholic party were easily appeased by the Third Reich, and easily disposed of.

There was about as much divine inspiration involved there as there is when I drop a deuce.

Terry Rudden said...

That's pretty powerful economic analysis there, Sentinel. And I love your new religion - the market as the One Perfect and Infallible Force.