Monday, March 09, 2015

OPP Union Under Investigation For Criminality

Story HERE.

RCMP is investigating allegations of criminal misconduct involving people connected to the Ontario Provincial Police Association, the union that represents 9,000 employees across the province.

As a result of a complaint, 13 search warrants were executed on Friday at multiple locations, including at the police association’s head office in Barrie, Ont., Const. Jean Juneau, an RCMP spokesman, said on Monday.

 He declined to say what other locations were searched or describe the nature of the allegations.

Hmm.  I wonder if perhaps it has something to do with the following:

Ontario Provincial Police Association launches unprecedented attack ads against Tim Hudak’s ‘Tea Party’ politics

 “The problem that the OPP has put itself in is that many in the public are now questioning that impartiality. That’s why the OPP commissioner should come out and clearly condemn these ads.

“This doesn’t happen in Canada and it shouldn’t happen in Ontario. There are other parts of the world where police intervention does happen in elections…but it doesn’t happen in democratic communities.” 

Well, maybe somebody better clean up their act or else someone might sarcastically use the nickname "Ontario Political Police".  I'm sure that's not desired.  I'm sure most OPP officers are aghast at any idea that their union leadership might be... crooked and partisan.  Or something.


Terry Rudden said...

Could you clarify the cause/effect relationship your suggesting here? You see, if:
- The OPP Association placed legal ads criticizing the Conservative Party in the last election, and;
- the Conservative Party LOST the last election, and the Liberals WON, and;
- you're hinting there's some political motivation triggering the RCMP investigation,

...then that would have mean that the Federal Conservatives are behind it - because the Ontario Liberals were pleased as punch at the OPP's criticism of Hudak.

Is that what you're suggesting? Political interference by the Harper government??

I mean, it's not surprising, given the man's vindictive nature. I'm just surprised that you're propoposing that.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Or perhaps the gas plant investigation was being interfered with through OPPA channels at the behest of Wynne.

A vote for Kovach or a vote for Hudak are votes against corruption.

Terry Rudden said...

LOL. "Pssst! Scenty! Escape hatch over here!"

You're such a cute couple.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Mr. Rudden, you are a classic example, demonstrating many of the following 25 Rules of Disinformation... ;)

Terry Rudden said...

Sentinel, you're the guy who suggested that the OPP were being investigated for criticizing the Conservatives, not me. Read your own post.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Hmm. I wonder if perhaps it has something to do with the following:

Ontario Provincial Police Association launches unprecedented attack ads against Tim Hudak’s ‘Tea Party’ politics"

That's what I posted, yes. Glad to see you read it carefully. Good for you.

I'm not surprised you were raising unrelated suspicions regarding the federal Conservatives and Harper et al. Fine. As I said, no surprised YOU would do that. ;)

By the way, in Ontario, the "Tories" are the "Progressive Conservatives". They are not the "Conservatives". Oopsie.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And I never suggested "political interference" by the "Harper government". YOU did. By cleverly asking me if I did, which I didn't. Clever, you. I'm glad to see that not all leftists are stupid. But the smarter a leftist is, the more suspect they are... for choosing the Left (or whatever they claim, which doesn't negate that they're on the Left overall, which leads to questions regarding character content, as they're not stupid and know what's what). Nothing personal... just a general statement about Leftists and intelligence and character content. No need to get indignant or feign offense. ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

But I must once again caution: It's not about me, nor you. Please, going forward, just either agree or disagree with whatever I post, be it sharing from a source and/or my own commentary.

Agree, disagree, whatever. And move on.

Terry Rudden said...

LOL. I'll say it again, since you haven't grasped its implication.

YOU implied that the OPP were being investigated by the RCMP for criticizing the Conservatives.

The Conservatives LOST the Ontario election. So clearly it's not the provincial conservative triggering this investigation.

So clarify, Sentinel - just what WERE you trying to imply? What shadowy force do you believe was directing the FEDERAL police following a provincial agency's attack on the Conservatives?

You brought this up, not me. I'm trying to figure out who you're accusing of what.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Hardly a blazing rebuttal.

Wynne has strongly implicated herself as an authoritative and politically influential force regarding OPP investigations.

∞ ≠ ø said...

"They make a very good wage and shouldn't mix their wage greed with politics. The police must be seen as being politically neutral."

OPPA president Jim Christie:
"Yeah, well I think that is a very naive comment. I think that like all associations, whether they are professional bodies whether they are unions, whether they are neighbor associations; it doesn't matter if your accountants, doctors... All associations are involved politically. I think that to think otherwise is naive."

Interesting exchange. The commenter expects police neutrality and the career copper and OPPA President:
1. States that the comment is naive. (M-1)
2. Conflates the OPPA with a broader range of associations.(D-9)
3. Switches the term political neutrality to political involvement.(F-1)
4. Reinforces that the comment is naive. (M-1)x2

Babbles! You have a friend, and he's corrupt to the core.