Saturday, March 07, 2015

Prosecuted Democrat Only Prosecuted Due To Dislike By Obama WH?

I've said that Democrats can and do frequently commit criminal offences, particularly to become richer, and seldom ever face the legal-judicial music therfor.  Perhaps they'll face a little nothing called "censure", which means zero consequences.  Perhaps nothing at all.

I recall the likes of Charlie Rangel, guilty of fraud.  Consequence?  Meaningless "censure" (by fellow politicians).  Still an elected official.  Al Sharpton, high-profile, racist Democrat.  Crime?  Not paying taxes.  No apparent consequences.  Lois Lerner?  Nazi-like discrimination against all conservatives.  Guilt proven.  Arrest warrant issued to Sergeant-at-Arms months ago.  No report that she's been arrested.  The Clintons.  The Obamas.  No point listing their crimes... anyone can discover them easily via online searching.  They still somehow get into positions of absolute power and continue to escape consequence no matter what high crimes and treasons committed.

But in the very rare instances when prosecution happens to a Democrat, it's only because they've somehow irritated the Left Wing Establishment, ie. the Democrats in America... and/or their shadowy, ultra-wealthy, untouchable, legally-unnameable puppetmasters. 

Here's an example of a Democrat who has done what all Democats have done, ie. corruption-related stuff, who has been thrown under the bus. 

He's reportedly the Democrat least popular with the White House (under Obama-Democrat control), so under the bus he goes.  They had enough of him, so they made him walk the plank...

Story HERE.

Sen. Robert Menendez might be a senior Democrat but he's no friend of the White House. 

In fact, he's emerged as one of the most troublesome obstacles to President Barack Obama's legacy-building effort to end decades of U.S. estrangement with Cuba and Iran. He's also poked the administration on its troubled relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with whom he shares a hawkish outlook towards Tehran.

But the senior senator from New Jersey, 61, is now in the news for a different reason, after CNN first reported Friday that the Justice Department is preparing to bring criminal charges against him.

See?  Doing the right thing... unacceptable to the tyrannical Far Left, Democrats, and Dictator Obama.

He's a rare Democrat... very, very rare... who demonstrates inconvenient scruples, superior (relatively speaking) character content, truthfulness and balls.  Such Democrats will not last, apparently.  If this was Russia, he'd have been assassinated just outside the Capitol or something like that.  Like Vladimir Putin's most annoying political opponent was.

But, still, America isn't as brazenly totalitarian.  Still... for now.  Slowly and gradually towards that, is their method.  But when they strike, they will strike hard... these cursed wolves in sheeps' clothing.


Terry Rudden said...

So - a Democrat is suspected of malfeasance, and gets charged?


∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Hey, when a prostitute recants is it fishy?