Friday, March 06, 2015

Obama Favors Foreign Intruder-Bums Over Black (And All Other) US Citizens

 Obama does NOT care about Black American Citizens at all. Unless they directly support him and his agenda in a significant, material way. Like if they're millionaire/billionaire donors or crony capitalists or political cronies of him/the Dems.

Obama cited Selma. But the effect of "Amnesty" is NOT "equality". It's exalting illegal intruders ABOVE all ordinary US Citizens. After all, Obama hates America, so why would he care about American Citizens? Hell, this only adds fire to the questions as to whether he even IS a US citizen himself, or was deemed one falsely and fraudulently somehow via corrupt power interference.

Obama doesn't believe in equality regardless of race. He could NOT care less about equality of ANY kind. He only cares about global communism, Islamic khalifascism and filling America to the point of downfall and tyranny with foreigners of certain origin and demographic. Note that he does not invite illegals from nations like Canada, Australia and nations in Europe, or from democratic capitalist nations like Japan... Because part of his immigration and amnesty agenda is racist. Of course, he also wants millions of new Democratic voters to guarantee permanent Democrat Party rule, ie. communist, tyrannist.

Front Page Mag article (which communists et al hate)... HERE

Communist, Islamist, racist, far-left-wing disinformation trolls... Enter Stage Left and babble their spin and verbal diarrhea in the comments.  Laugh at them.  Dismiss them.   Deride them.  Annoy them.  ;)  Counter-Alinsky them.  Myself, I may just ignore them.  ;)

Oh, by the way, I remind the disinformation trolls, the Alinsky Rules for Radicals activists, that this is NOT about me.


Terry Rudden said...

LOL. I'm totally flattered that feel the need to respond to my comments before you actually make them. Makes me feel duty bound to comment, though, since you're clearly looking forward to my input. :)

However, since there's no actual intelligible assertion in this post, I can't for the life of me find anything substantive to even respond to. Sorry, dude - try actually SAYING something next time.

∞ ≠ ø said...

I've heard that if you enter Stage Left they make you buy a T-shirt.

Looks like T.R. has passed up on fashion haute esthétique despite any slimming effect it may have.

In other news; Obama will soon reveal his brown man for every brown shirt campaign and the world's troubles will soon be over.

Terry Rudden said...

Incidentally, in defense of Alinsky - while you disagree with some of the work he did (but presumably not all of it - remember Kodak and Rochester?) and his communism, remember that, like Machiavelli, he was, in essence, a tactician, not a moralist, and his "Rules" can be effectively used in pretty much any context, by any movement. As you may or may not be aware, the Tea Party owed a good deal of its former success, particularly at the grass roots level, to its adoption of Alinski's guidelines and strategies.

Terry Rudden said...

It seems your neighboring Conservative MP believes that white people should automatically have precedence in hiring, Sentinel. Is there something in the New Brunswick water these days?