Friday, March 13, 2015


Interesting how folks so strongly connected to the powerful elite establishment of the Far Left seem to get away with everything somehow...

Story HERE.

FDNY’s report references a “flammable liquid,” and firefighters’ photos of the scene show traces of an incendiary puddle. Another photo captures what appears to be a singed rag that someone is holding next to a fuse box, perhaps because that is where it was found. But a 2003 Newsday article says “the 1997 fire started when a curling iron overheated in an adjoining beauty parlor.” NRO could find no other sources referencing a curling iron as the cause, and the fire department’s reports make no mention of it, either.

As the mayoral campaign continued, Sharpton missed tax and campaign disclosure deadlines. 
The 1997 fire occurred five days before Tax Day and, the New York Post reported, “just after Sharpton announced that he would open his financial records.”

Oh, and it happened again recently, as we saw in the news.  Weird, eh?  Well, racism-spewing propagandists are hardly scrupulous folks...

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