Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Far Left Entity Utters Expensive Ad Accusing Cdn PM of Drowning Critics

Communist propaganda in Canada.

No, really.

Accusing the Canadian Prime Minister of assassinating dissidents, which he has NEVER done, at a time when the Russian President's top political opponent was assassinated in broad daylight.

The Far Left in Canada is so extreme.  And scary.  Josef Goebbels would be proud of them for this obviously expensive piece of Big Lie.

I wonder where "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" gets their funding, which must be considerable, given the obvious expense of making that ad.


Terry Rudden said...

So - just to make it clear - you actually believe that this ad "accuses the Canadian Prime Minister of assassinating dissidents"?

You REALLY, TRULY believe that?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Oh mirth!
Let's dig back to the days of the smiley face!

Please pay particular attention to comment #1


Terry Rudden said...

I would think you'd share my concern with out hosr, Squiggles. I'm pretty sure Lilley knows just how stupid this argument is: however, CS, by his tone appears to actually believe his own interpretation.

However, only CS can clarify that.

Scenty, we care deeply about your mental well-being. Please reassure us that you understand this is only what those fancy university types call a "metaphor".

∞ ≠ ø said...

Balbulican said...
"Scenty...Palin showed people - individuals - in the cross hairs. Not targeted states. Are you actually going to pretend you can't understand that?"

Individuals - in the cross-hairs - indeed.

Well if I had 5 cent Canadian would I find a queen with a beaver on her face or did both of you just change sides. I think in this case decorum requires admission, but, whatever.

Now you can call me squiggles but I recall, a little while back, a certain someone who has sensitivities of his own making a certain promise regarding nomenclature.

out hosr?
Hungarian slip?

Canadian Sentinel said...

...and Commentor Infinity... totally destroys Terry's Alinskyist radical rules attempt by exposing his hypocrisy. That one, I recall quite well. Terry/Balbulican was very aggressive against Mrs. Palin, while he's calling me crazy for going after the Left's accusation that PM Harper has opponents assassinated.

I'm sure Terry must understand this... unless he wishes to make believe something totally unreal, which is typical for Alinskyist disinformation activists.

We are not alone in our counter-Alinsky-Rules army. We are legion. We WILL destroy the Left Wing's attempts to foment bullshit.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Myself? I warned the Left that "Two Can Play This Game", and that unless the Left stopped its disinformation agenda, I'd counter them with generous helpings of their own medicine. They wouldn't like it, I warned. And Terry's indignance, though barely concealed, is causing him to dig in. Attempting to suggest mental illness on my part? Oooh... not good at all, Mr. Rudden. Time to clean off the sole of your shoe... it smells like canine excrement.

It's war, folks. OF course Mr. Rudden realizes this all means war. He wishes to continue to wage it, so... Onward, Christian Soldiers...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbs-Terry is just the same old, same old. He hasn't changed in his advanced chronology. Though I fully expect him to throw age around, plus income, etc., to pretend he's superior and must therefore be right while I'm necessarily wrong... Same old, same old. We know this guy's inner cranial workings. Well-trained, well-experienced and highly aggressive ideologically. He is why we blog. He and his ilk. If there were no Fabianists to fight... we might be doing more idyllic stuff. But duty requires our labors...

Terry Rudden said...

Wow. Three responses, and you still haven't manage to answer the question.

So, Sentinel - do you actually believe that "this ad "accuses the Canadian Prime Minister of assassinating dissidents"?

Or do you understand that that's metaphorical?

(By the way, you seem to under the mistaken impression that I'm trying to pretend to be someone else - i.e., NOT balbulican. Balbulican IS me - Terry Rudden - and I now use the names pretty much interchangeably; unlike some bloggers, I don't inhabit a world full of scary monsters I have to hide from. :)