Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Evil Empire Resurgent: Putin Regime Forces Shutdown of Gulag Museum

Gulag Museum in Russia.  
Increasingly Pro-Stalinist Russia Forces Shutdown

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A museum commemorating the victims of Soviet-era political repressions is closing down after months of government pressure.

Perm-36 — the only museum in Russia created on the site of a former gulag camp — is "ceasing its activities and beginning the process of self-liquidation," the museum said in a statement Monday.

The shutdown comes at a time when the number of Russians viewing Soviet dictator Josef Stalin positively has risen to more than half of the population (52 percent), according to a recent Levada Center poll, and amid heightened government rhetoric extolling Soviet-era achievements.

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Terry Rudden said...

One of the signs of a healthy culture is that it can shine an honest light on its own history, including all the warts. Locating a Holocaust Memorial in downtown Berlin or a Smithsonian Museum of Native Americans in downtown Washington tells you that those nations are strong enough to stand a little honest self-scrutiny.

Putin is pandering to Russia's longing for the power of its past empires under that czars and the Soviet Union. Not a good thing, and not a good sign.