Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ontario Libs' Insane 'Green' Agenda Killing Healthcare Jobs

I note that the cuts happened at a CHILDRENS' hospital, by the way.  Yet more evidence that the Wynne Liberal regime hates children so much they couldn't care less if they die. 

Story HERE.

Of course, if electricity wasn't so insanely, unnecessarily expensive due to the Liberal regime's ill-advised "green" policies, hospitals wouldn't be under such cost pressure.

So the Liberals gave a bunch of nurses pink slips. 

If only electricity was cheaper, this wouldn't have had to happen.  But the so-called "green" agenda of the international crony-capitalist-communist movement just doesn't care.

Liberal Dictator of Ontario Kathleen Wynne:
High on corruption, greed, evil

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Terry Rudden said...

Well, I certainly have to give you credit for your hilarious ability to link completely unconnected ideas in order to support one of the three or four ideas that make up your world view.

Tell me, Sentinel - according the Manning Institute, in terms of cost of power and RATE of increase in the cost of power, which province does better: Alberta, or Ontario?