Sunday, March 01, 2015

Pakistani Muslims Force Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Into Concentration Camps

Story HERE.

Muslims are forcing tens of thousands of Christians into concentration camps in Pakistan. The labor camps that these Christians are in most definitely fit the description of concentration camps. For they are forced into hard labor, in an area where they are made to live in despotic and impoverished living conditions; they are forced to endure all sorts of brutal torture, and the Muslims see them as disposable, and will eventually slaughter them in a future holocaust of Christians.
Be sure to watch the video at the link.

No doubt there will be holocaust deniers on the Left...


Terry Rudden said...

Well, it's nice to see you accepting the accuracy of Al Jazeera material. And it's nice to see your concern about labour conditions in Pakistan, among bonded and village workers of all religions.

It's a little disappointing that your concern seems limited to the Christian labourers, as opposed to the labourers of all other religions caught in the same virtual slavery.

I work as a volunteer with a Christian organization called Compasio, which supports relief and development in Southeast Asia. They're Christian, but their efforts are directed at children and disadvantage people of every religion.

What organizations do you work with, Sentinel?

Terry Rudden said...

By the way, I did watch the video, as you requested. Did you notice that the actual assertions it makes regarding the "enslavement" of Christians are curiously unverifiable and unsourced?

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Oh, I think the C.S. probably does most of his charity work at home rather like myself. In the monied world of the N.G.O. shirtsleeving a charity or two is an understandable requirement of conscience considering the money there flows like water from government coffers which are filled by the sweat off our brows. So... it's safe to say that the Sentinel works with A.C.S. on almost a daily basis now, and has done for years ;)

As to the "enslavement" of Christians in Pakistan it seems to me that if you really are keen to defend practices there by calling it another name, by all means. The radical left after all is anti Christian at the core so pinning an affable term to interminable forced labor in the brick yards is no different than calling fascism progressive.

Let's see,... We'll call it "Gatework." There; that'll throw the scent off.

Terry Rudden said...

Yes, actually digging in and working on an issue, without using it as a clumsy ideological bludgeon, IS a lot harder than shallow sniping on blog, it's true.

That aside, you did note that this story ignores the fact that this is an issue of labour practices, spun by fundraiser as a story on religious bias?