Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trudeau Liberal Talking Points Re ISIS Are 'Silly', 'Foolish'

Liberals say the dumbest things.

Story HERE.

“Overkill”? How can you have overkill when you’re trying to stop a marauding enemy army? Gen. Grant used superior numbers to wear down and defeat Gen. Lee during the U.S. civil war. Gen. Montgomery was always holding up attacks while he built up an advantage in men and equipment. Is it considered bad form to drop more bombs on the enemy than they can conveniently deal with? Would the Liberals have advised Gen. Patton to leave some of his tanks behind as the allies headed for Berlin, since the Russians, French, Canadians and all those other allies were also using tanks?
You have to wonder where the Liberals get their military strategy. Did Mr. Trudeau think it up himself? “Hey Marc, it’s really not pukka bombing those poor ISISI chaps with so many planes, all at once. Let’s back off on the CF-18s and give the poor devils a chance.” Just what is the correct number of countries to bomb an enemy before it becomes overkill?

The Liberals have to work harder at this stuff. Mr. Garneau is a sensible man. He must hate having to try and make his leader’s policy positions look sensible.

That's what happens to a political party that selects a dope-smoking, trust-fund-bumming hipster doofus as its leader.

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