Monday, February 16, 2015

Jonathan Kay Full of Opinion On SUN News

Everybody has one.

Jonathan Kay of the National Post included.

Story HERE.

Unfortunately, it appears that Jonathan has a bit of a bone to grind with Ezra Levant, who he judges to be, in his own word, "extreme".  Well, one man's "extreme" is another man's standing up against wrong and for right, no matter how much it rocks the social boat and offends political correctness.

Jonathan says, as I'd expect of him, being the politically-correct hipster I consider him to be,

The real issue was that Canada just doesn’t have enough “regular-white-guy resentment” to support a mass-viewership news channel catering to pissed-off ordinary Joes.

Huh?  What the heck is that all about?

Jonathan makes comparisons between Canada and the United States, while dumping on, with smear words, the USA as if he himself was a brainwashed liberal... as if it was relevant to the topic at hand.  Eh... whatever.

Hmm.  A lot of blah, blah, blah and spin.  Nothing to substantiate the claim that SUN News supposedly was about "regular white guy resentment" and "pissed off ordinary joes".  This really sounded like silly Alinskyist smear drivel to me, but then again...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  Including Jonathan Kay of the National Post.

Even if he's full of it.

It must've been a slow day for Jonathan Kay.  Sometimes the media folks have to just make up stuff and say nasty stuff about folks and entities.  As he himself said they do.  And proved it quite nicely.



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balbulican said...

"Huh? What the heck is that all about?"

What he means is that the SUN viewership was essentially angry males, mostly in lower income brackets, or retirees.

Canadian Sentinel said...

...and he was imparting typical left-wing, Alinsky-Rules disinformation. He never proved what he said. Furthermore, I'd suggest that the lamestream media's viewership is mostly angry women, angry gay and transgendered people, angry Muslims, angry communists, etc... But that would be silly. Jonathan sounds like Justin Trudeau claiming that there's old white men behind everything and only he can put a stop to them. Crazy, eh?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Funny thing is that I think that "progressives" are far, far more angry than conservatives. "Progressives" are constantly getting angry, often because they were told they should be about this or that. Often they don't even know why they're angry. They just know they're supposed to be, is all. And since they want to fit in and be with it, to have people like them, they'll get "with it"... like sheep, like lemmings...