Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crazy Liberal Student: Homsexual Movement Mostly White-Privileged, Racist

Seriously?  Now liberals will be calling the GLBT movement "racist", "too-white", etc.? 

Of course.  To liberals, EVERYTHING is "racist" and "too white" unless it's zero-white or unless the whites are forced to stand in the back, out of sight.

Story HERE.

She says “There’s a fundamental problem in the way that people look at the LGBT community. People focus on white, gay men, as they focus on white, straight men in every other community. But the LGBT community does itself no favors, as it continues to display racist, transphobic and misogynistic behaviors, as well as push white gay men into the forefront because it is safe to do so.”

Later, she writes “The debate quickly becomes about privilege, as it so often does when discussing race and gender. People with privilege rarely like to talk about it, least of all admit to it. The gay community is only beginning its crawl toward general acceptance, but it often forgets that those without benefit of white or male privilege still suffer heavily.

Huh?  Wha...?  Obviously, this student is highly brainwashed with this nonsense.  Seriously, I wonder why on earth the top two issues of obsession for the Left Wing are sex and race.

Here's a selection of reactions by some who were told about that crazy nonsense from the liberal-progressive side...

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