Sunday, February 15, 2015

MUSLIMS Obviously Being Dispatched to Murder Jews in Denmark

Story HERE.

A man shot in the head at a synagogue in Denmark - hours after a separate deadly attack two miles away - has died.

A major manhunt is underway following the shootings in capital Copenhagen, which also saw two policemen shot in the arms and legs.

Police say they do not know if it is connected to the earlier attack, in which one man was killed and three police officers injured when a gunman opened fire at a cafe where a meeting on free speech was taking place.

It's time to declare that unless Islam accepts non-Muslims as equals. then non-Muslims shall not be required to accept Muslims as equals either.


balbulican said...

You are aware that "Islam", like Christianity, consists of several religions, with significantly different sets of beliefs?

You DID know that, didn't you?

You didn't?

Oh, dear.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Disinformation again from a pro (it's many things, not one thing). Research its meaning. Oh, wait... You are a master.

You miss the point. Islam is evil. Period. Or didn't you NOTICE?