Friday, February 20, 2015

Persecuted In Canada: Black Christian Street Preacher Rev. David Lynn

 Reverend David Lynn:  He just wants to enjoy his Charter and Human Rights equally without discriminatory persecution and censorship.

Anti-Christian persecution is a reality in Canada.

Yes, it is.  The Far Left's disinformation agents will attempt to utilize disinformation tactics in order to manipulate the guillible into thinking that that which is... somehow isn't.  Even though the Far Left never tries to deny certain other forms of persecution, such as that allegedly against Muslims and allegedly against folks openly expressing "alternative sexual philosophies".

Introducing Reverend David Lynn...  Whose information page on Wikipedia is already "under consideration for deletion" (Hmm.  I wonder why.  See the information on his page for yourself and you can probably figure out it's because he's "offended" a certain group or groups of very, very special folks who very much dislike Christianity, especially Christians who dare to be open and express themselves, just like other groups get to, without being bothered by the state apparatus).

He does not preach "hatred" (like many Muslim preachers in Canada do, without being bothered by the state apparatus).  He does not incite violence.  He does not incite terrorism.  Again, unlike many Muslim preachers who do.

Yet he was stopped, silenced and charged with an offence, unlike the nearby MUSLIM street preachers, who are left alone by police.  Loud, showy breakdancers and other public performers were left alone by police as well.

Here's the shocking encounter that may remind some of tyranny in other nations which have been or are infamous for this kind of persecution and discrimination...

Of course, being openly Christian and open about his beliefs in public, AS IS HIS INALIENABLE RIGHT TO DO SO IN CANADA AS GUARANTEED BY OUR CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, "offends" some people, especially far-left-wing activists claiming to "represent" groups who don't like Christian values and who seek to silence Christians.  Hey, I'm offended by some union demonstrations and by the "gay pride" parades, which are offensive to many, including for the illegal genital exposure (almost exclusively of the male persuasion) in public, such offences always ignored by police for some reason obviously having to do with favoritism and politics, likely including politically-oriented orders).  But who calls the cops to make these folks shut up and go away for offending some folks? 

Elite Canadian Freedom Fighter Ezra Levant, who himself happens to be Jewish, has recently founded "The Rebel" media to cover the important stories the so-called "mainstream", coporate, big-money, establishmentarian, political-correctness-adhering media either refuses to cover honestly, comprehensively, fairly and without bias... or refuses to cover at all.

The Rebel media was born out of the ashes of the revolutionary, excellent SUN TV News, which went off the air a week ago today due to discriminatory, unfair treatment by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, which is apparently still controlled by Far-Left-Wing, politically-correct forces, internally (by their fruits we know them!).

Which brings us to Ezra Levant's Rebel report and inverview with Rev. Lynn's lawyer Sonya Shikhman ...

Such tyranny and discrimination against PEACEFUL people simply exercising their equality, human and constitutional rights cannot be tolerated. THIS IS CANADA. We will not tolerate tyranny. Period. Listen, if anyone's offended by us being who we are, openly, then just move on. Just like one doesn't have to look at the homosexual mens' ILLEGALLY EXPOSED (and ignored by police who have the illegal nerve to refuse to apply the law when doing so would rock the far-left-wing politically correct boat) penises in the "gay pride" parades, one doesn't have to listen to a man simply talking about his beliefs peacefully (while fully clothed, I might add).


Terry Rudden said...
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Terry Rudden said...

Well, the folks who hate gays and Muslims will try to make a martyr of this poor fellow. I myself believe in the rule of law. I guess we'll learn what the courts say.

You note that "he was stopped, silenced and charged with an offence, unlike the nearby MUSLIM street preachers, who are left alone by police. Loud, showy breakdancers and other public performers were left alone by police as well."

The charge, from the Levant interview, appears to have been using amplification without a permit. The policeman makes it quite clear that he will be free to continue if he stops using the amplifier.

Are you suggesting that the other performers to whom you refer ALSO did not have permits? Do you have some evidence of that?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Just wanted to add that "progressives" will go out of their way to take the side of those who hate Christians.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Seems that some would assume that just because a Christian was told he "needed a permit" to exercise his Charter rights, that everyone else required a permit. Does anyone have evidence that everyone else had a permit to do what they were doing?

That said, why do we need a permit to do that which is a guaranteed right?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Also, if a permit is required for all, where is the evidence in such a case that police swooped down on everyone aggressively and demanded to see THEIR permits?

Seems someone is assuming something... an interesting attempt to frame the matter to their advantage.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And to believe in law and order, I'd ask, Mr. Rudden, do you believe that Aboriginals should be treated any more leniently by police and courts than are non-Aboriginals? Suppose a bunch of white folks blocked a road or bridge with burning tires. Wouldn't they all be arrested quickly? How come Aboriginals are allowed to do such things, but non-Aboriginals aren't? Something tells me that when "progressive" ideologues/activists say they "believe in law and order", they're just saying that as a matter of momentary propagandic convenince. I see that all the time on the "progressive" side.

Terry Rudden said...

To respond to your first string of questions: really, it's quite simple.

A permit is required for use of amplification at street events.

That the gentleman in question didn't have one.

The policeman told him he could continue if he unplugged his amp.

Which of those points is incorrect? Because if they are correct (and given the video you posted, they SEEM to be correct), then all that has happened here is that a man has violated a bylaw. He DID violate the bylaw: you understand that, don't you?

Terry Rudden said...

As for your question about Aboriginal people and the law, I believe that all Canadians should abide by the rule of law. Did you have a question about a specific incident you wanted to ask?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'm afraid you don't know all the facts, MR. Rudden. Let's wait til they all come out properly in court. I've a feeling there's more to it than you want to believe. I know you "progressives" are deniers wrt the persecution of Christians.

Terry Rudden said...

My comments were based on the facts that YOU selected and chose to present, Mr. Sentinel.

If there are additional facts that you're withholding, then publish them, and my opinion may change.

However, since you're not actually questioning the fairly straightforward facts I cited as the material cause of the charge, I don't think there's any basis for your suspicion.

Regarding your question on Aboriginal adherence to the law, I repeat my invitation: was there a specific incident you wanted my opinion about?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, forgot to mention... just because someone makes pretty assertive/aggressive demands for further comment from myself... doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to bother to respond. I shall let others look at what I presented and what commentors presented and decide for themselves. It is what it is. Persecution against Christians is a reality. Persecution against GLBTs isn't so much, in Canada and the USA, to name two nations. In fact, the GLBTs in these two nations are one of society's most powerful groups... they don't need any more help or sympathy or new laws to bash, via state apparatus proxy, those who disagree with their philosophies, etc. They're powerful and can stand on their own. As for Muslims, they're even more powerful and the GLBTs leave them alone for either reason of fear for life or because they have marching orders to remain silent no matter what the Muslims say and/or do to GLBTs or re. GLBTs.

Christians and Jews are the most persecuted groups in the Free World and in the Muslim World and elsewhere. This is the fact. Go ahead, deny, fine. And be a denier of the apparent reality and a follower of the propaganda narrative of the Far Left. Whatever. It is what it is. The reality is what it is. I don't expect "progressives" to accept reality as it is because they will NOT. They will make believe what they're told to make believe because they don't have minds of their own. And are arrogantly proud of it. Disgusting character content, morality, ethics abound amongst the "progressives'" collectivity.

Ok, got to go.

Terry Rudden said...

No problem. So, to sum up:

Lynn was violating a bylaw, using an amplifier at a street event, without a permit.

He was asked to unplug his amp, and refused.

He was told that he could continue if he unplugged. He refused.

So based on the evidence you yourself selected and presented, the guy broke the law, was offered a the opportunity to comply, and refused.

LOL. Hard to read that as "persecution". But of course, as you say, we'll find out more when it comes to trial.

Regarding your question on Aboriginal adherence to the law, I repeat my invitation: was there a specific incident you wanted my opinion about?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Ok, that's your opinion. Next!

Terry Rudden said...

Those aren't "opinions", Sentinel. Those are statements of fact, observable, without interpretation, elicited from the video clip YOU posted.

Regarding your question on Aboriginal adherence to the law, I repeat my invitation: was there a specific incident you wanted my opinion about?