Friday, February 13, 2015

Commie CRTC Murdered SUN News Network

I believe it's time for a comeback...  Because, unfortunately, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, obviously still run by communist subversives, has forced the death of SUN News Network, Canada's only serious, truthful-news and serious, politically-incorrect 24 hour news network.  They were audacious enough to bring reports, stories and commentary to us all which were never being touched by the left-wing news entities of which we all know (and they're ALL significantly leftist, unfortunately).

I fully blame the CRTC. It was completely wrong to refuse equal treatment and an equal chance to succeed, between SUN and the other 100% Canadian, 24-hr news & talk networks. It's outrageous that foreign channels like CNN and the Islamically-extreme al-Jazeera get mandatory coverage on basic cable... but an all-Canadian channel like SUN was told "NO!"... just because (the rationale for refusal... absolute BS). It's all the CRTC's fault for preventing equality, for preventing competition, for rejecting something as Canadian as anything can get. Something must be done about the CRTC. Something serious and wrenching. Something... common-sense, something that'll bring true fairness to the airwaves, as opposed to controlling who can and can't talk to the masses as much as they want and deserve.

Worst of all, SUN had to compete with a far-left-wing propaganda network, the CBC, which receives a billion tax dollars a year and even gets to be on the free, over-the-air,d bunny ears signals... (yes, they still are on the air, just digital now). I am furious about how the communist-run CRTC deliberately murdered SUN News Network just because it wasn't all politically correct and onside with the Left's agenda. Heads must roll in the CRTC! Big freakin' time! And the CBC must be fully cut off from our tax dollars... they don't deserve 'em and we don't need that far-left-wing propaganda broadcaster!

But it needn't be the end for serious, truthful, politically-incorrect hard news and straight talk in Canada. It will rise again. And the CRTC will be beaten to a bloody pulp, metaphorically speaking, if it again tries to discriminate against a "right-wing" truthtelling network while it grants special favor to the Muslim Brotherhood's mouthpiece, al-Jazeera and the crappy commie CNN, a foreign network which few watch anymore anyway...

This, of course, means that ordinary folks like myself and yourself, ie. We the Canadian People, who seek freedom, wealth, superpower status for our beloved country, etc... will have to fight harder against the far-left propaganda entities, exposing their lies, their omissions, questioning their spin, etc...

I have no excuse for not being back now...  So I'm back...  watch out, Left Wing!

And be advised, far-left-wing commentors/trolls:  I've learned to just ignore y'all when y'all attempt to waste my time here.  And I've learned how the more seasoned professionals amongst y'all operate, what your tactics are, etc...  so if you're going to again attempt to waste my time with deliberately futile discussions/debates/arguments, etc.,  no matter how much you claim to be innocent... you're in for a rude awakening.

But for regular, honest folks... please feel welcome in the comments section!


Kevin Harris said...

The CRTC is Corrupt
I often advocate smaller government, less interference in our day to day lives. This has earned me some enemies. In much the same way of challenging the status quo, I meet strong opposition. I rely on my fundamental right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association.
I've been called every name in the book, everything from right-wing nut job to Harper lover; I've even received death threats for taking a strong position in stating my case.
I'm open for a debate. On any subject under the sun. I'll discuss any issue. This is an example of a democracy at its finest. More people need to participate in the discussion and not take the stance of automatically shutting down your opponent's position. The CRTC is guilty of partisan politics, and no-one at the CRTC was elected. Sun News took a different approach from the mainstream media and was shot down, largely due to the CRTC. What the hell was the problem; is the CRTC too coward to let a network actually debate the issues?
Sun News didn't get the exposure to the free markets it deserved. You can thank unelected bureaucrats of the CRTC for that. Some would argue, free-markets decided the fate of SNN; I put forth the argument that bloated government through the CRTC forced the Sun to set. Cowards.
It is a crying shame that an unelected, supposedly 'non-partisan' government agency picked sides; they had a hate-on for Sun News since day one.
Oh the irony. Sun News boasted over 96+ hours a week of original Canadian TV programming. Politicians were running from the very sight of SNN reporters; those same politicians that don't like answering the difficult questions. The SNN looked at both sides of the argument, and often gave airtime to their opponents (You know, when they weren't running away).
To continue the analogy, the Sun also showed us the moon. These reporters and show hosts allowed us to see both sides of the coin.

-Written by Kevin Harris

Canadian Sentinel said...

You got that right, Kevin.