Saturday, February 14, 2015

Obama Illegal Alien Amnesty Creates Loophole To Vote Illegally

But of course.  Obama WANTS this to happen.  Everything he's done has been designed to create millions of new, almost-always-guaranteed Democratic Party voters.

This is part of the agenda to cheat as much as possible in elections to perpetually guarantee a communist, er, Islamic-supremacist, er, basically tyrannical regime  in America designed to continue to deliberately ignore the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, impose more and more socialism, take away more and more rights and liberties, impose Sharia Law, basically de-Americanize America according to the Extreme Far Left Wing's dreams.

Story HERE.

The consequences of Obama's bizarre Executive Orders aren't unintended.  They're known consequences that are fully desired by the regime.

And Americans are letting it happen.  They are still not rising up... at least for now.  Too many believe they can simply wait for the next election to change things.  But... think... it's not going to happen as they hope... for very obvious reasons, like the reasons in this post's link and others.

And it's not just illegal aliens who vote.  It's other non-citizens and even a lot of far-left-wing citizens who have, bizarrely, been advised by corrupt, criminalistic folks, including public officials and state apparatchiks, that it's a RIGHT to vote ILLEGALLY, ie. fraudulently, more than once, etc., and this has been caught happening in MANY, MANY INSTANCES in 2008 and 2012, with voting with a fraudulent card, which is facilitated by the government's refusal to demand ID of voters to prove they are who they claim to be, rigged balloting machines observed changing Repunlican votes into Democratic votes 100% of the time, etc...  Not much of this has been reported in the lamestream-liberal media, so few folks are aware that nowadays, elections are a CHARADE at the federal level... and the Republican establishment, known as RINOs for being onside with the Democrats on eerything, doesn't challenge the results, ever, even though it's fully aware that they lost the elections likely due to the widespread vote fraud which is deliberately coordinated and encouraged by Democrats while RINOs refuse to care.

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balbulican said...

So how are those massive detention centres you forecast coming along, Scenty?