Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pro-Islamist, Anti-Semitic Vandals Terrorizing DC

"Anti-Muslim backlash", they tell us about?  Hardly.

Anti-Semite hate explosion?  Apparently.  And largely by Muslims.

Story HERE.

The unknown vandals have repeatedly gone after Jews and have expressed support for the Islamic State, according to a number of photos obtained by the Free Beacon as investigated over several months.

The anti-Semitic, pro-terror graffiti has caused discomfort among some Jewish residents, who have been on high alert following a sharp uptick in anti-Jewish violence both locally and abroad.

“Symbols are the first indicators that the problem of virulent anti-Semitism within radical Islam is coming to our shores and we should not delude ourselves into believing that America is immune from what Europe has been confronted with recently,” said Sarah Stern, founder and president of D.C.-based pro-Israel group Endowment for Middle East Truth.

The graffiti was first spotted late last year and has continued to appear in similar locations around D.C. The anti-Semitic images coincide with a five-month series of threats against a Jewish-owned D.C. business by individuals claiming to be affiliated with IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL).

Residents said the images first appeared in August and spread. Some included Jewish stars accompanied by the words “Allahu Akbar” written in Arabic.

 Of course, Muslims aren't the only group that's largely and virulently anti-Semitic.  The Left, or the "progressive" movement, is also extremely anti-Semitic, though it usually cloaks its current campaign in the phony rhetoric of "criticism of Israel" and in "boycott, divest" hate campaigns against the Jewish state, who only wants to be left alone and allowed to exist, while the Muslim world seeks its annihilation just because it's not an Islamic state.  The Muslim world uses the so-called "Palestinian" de-facto hostages it refuses to absorb as immigrants...  as human weapons in this weird, sophisticated, decades-old, Islamic-supremacist, anti-Semitic war.


Terry Rudden said...

In your view, is it possible to be critical of Israeli foreign policy without being anti-Semitic?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Duh. Yes. But contemporary anti-Semites use "criticism of Israel", (often based on lies) as a cover for their anti-Semitism and agenda of Judenrein (no more Jews). The same people tend to let the Muslims of "Palestine" off the hook no matter what. They might go as far as pretending it "goes both ways equally", but the truth is that the "Palestinians" are little different from the people and regime of Nazi Germany in mentality and agenda. Yes, there's differences, but the two geopolitical entities, the Nazis of Hitler and the "Palestinians" of Yasser Arafat's (KGB-assigned) invented-post-Six-Days-War propagandic invention, both share the agenda of getting rid of the Jews by fabricating big lies thereabout and using those lies as a cover for eradication attempts to bring about Judenrein. The Muslim world is intolerant of having Jews within "Muhammad's territory" and seeks their removal by any means. Israel never started any conflicts. It was the Muslims. Because they hate Jews and want them gone, as this is commanded by Islam.

Terry Rudden said...


Good. (You could have stopped there.) Now remember that.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Hahaha... Someone seems to believe they're all that, telling others what to do, etc. Sounds like a liberal to me. Everything's got to be to their preference. Well, screw that.