Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sun is Indeed Going to Rise Again Over Canada... SOON

Early Friday morning, SUN News Network fell silent due to intransigent CRTC interference, unfairness and outright hostility towards the only news network in Canada that had been telling the plain, inconvenient truth and sharing points of view which the liberal lamestream media entities simply censored.

But the "sun" is going to rise again.  And soon.

In fact, we have TWO new inconvenient (for the Left) truth-telling entities in the offing.

One is being created by Canada's number one freedom fighter, Ezra Levant, the man who gets results via his tireless, relentless crusading.

That is:  The Rebel.

The other is the True North Report, co-founded by Faith Goldy, formerly of SUN News. 

She advises via e-mail:

Dear Friend,
In the coming weeks we will launch True North Report - a fresh voice for Canada.

I’d like to thank you for your interest and tell you a little more about what you can expect from True North Report.

At True North Report we will report the facts.

We will go head-first into the hottest stories.

We will cover the stories that are ignored, not for shock value but because they are important.

We will share original ideas on how to better Canada.

We will not simply sit on the sidelines and complain about what is wrong.

We will deliver value to our audience by looking for new and innovative ways to improve our product.

We will not be complacent.

At True North Report we will bring a fresh voice to Canada and we look forward to having you be a part of it!

In the coming days keep watch of our emails for a taste of what True North Report will offer.

Stay tuned,

Faith Goldy
Co-founder, True North Report

Just when Justin Trudeau, the eldest son and political heir of former communist tyrant of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, his Liberal Party and the Left Wing overall thought it was safe to breathe a sigh of relief that they could go back to complacently lying, censoring, etc... They learn that they cannot. 

Sorry, communists-by-whatever-name, but this is not Obama's America. The Left Wing will NOT get away with their shenanigans and cheating in Canada. As Glenn Beck said, "Canada is a safe haven of sanity".



Anonymous said...

Thank Faith, do us all proud you wonderful Canadian woman

Garry said...

We need truth and an honest media to broadcast it!!! I am happy to hear we are getting that again

Canadian Sentinel said...

Indeed, I do talk up Faith Goldy's work on this... ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe for now Ezra and Faith may be able to do jointly a 1 hour spot on CFTV TVO and Know channels. Do at say 8pm local time. Know is I believe 2 or 3 hours behind tvo. I know I will watch. These are either public or community channels. CFTV is on bell and cogeco.

Vito said...

I think you're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

We need the Sun back.

balbulican said...

Poor Sun. Any of us who actually understand the broadcast industry predicted they'd tank. Terrible business plan, shabby production values, too much talk and not enough news. And a tiny, tiny audience.

Bye bye.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Nice disinformation blurb, Balb.