Saturday, February 28, 2015

Justin Trudeau Liberals Greenlight Nomination of a NAZI

Frankly, I'm not surprised.  The Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau are train wrecks who schmooze with far-left-wing extremists.

Story HERE.

When Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promised “open nominations” for local riding candidacies two years ago, he couldn’t possibly have foreseen what was coming, so let’s be fair. But let’s be honest. Trudeau’s idealistic open-door policy has bogged down in an embarrassing quagmire of lawsuits, accusations of back-alley shenanigans to benefit Trudeau’s favourites and miraculous last-minute spikes in constituency membership rolls.

Still, nothing yet quite matches the conundrum the Liberal party’s “green light committee” had to grapple with late into the night this week. It had turned out that an approved contestant for the Liberal nomination in the newly created Ottawa riding of Nepean appeared to be harbouring a rather too opaque relationship another party, one that sports its very own stylized swastika, sings an anthem to the tune of Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles and lavishly indulges a habit of suicide-bombing and assassination.

I speak of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. At the moment, the SSNP is busy running death squads on behalf of its patron, the Syrian tyrant and mass-murderer Bashar Al-Assad, mostly in the vicinity of Homs and the suburbs of Damascus.

Apparently Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party attract murderous Nazis.  The kind that happen to be Muslims.

So it'd be best to avoid Trudeau and Liberals as if they were highly radioactive substances.


Terry Rudden said...

LOL. Sentinel, you really must READ the articles you're citing, not just look for key words.

The Liberal Party has DUMPED El Kadri. Did you miss that part?

∞ ≠ ø said...

The Lieberal party GREEN LIGHTED HIS CANDIDACY with the "... enthusiasm of the several prominent Liberal endorsers listed on El Kadri’s website, among them such Liberal heavyweights as Senator Mobina Jaffer, former federal cabinet star Sheila Copps and former House speaker Peter Milliken."

The guy is a card carrying Nazi for 5hit's pity sake. THAT'S THE STORY!

So... yeah, they dumped him, BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT like children at the cookie jar. Oh they want the cookie. With a few men like Kadri, they know their troubles would be over very quickly.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Excellent rebuttal, Infin.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And the point of the story is to let people know that the Justin Trudeau Liberals are so foolish and extreme that they welcome Muslim Nazis into their fold. They don't care that the Muslims might be evil; they just want any and all Muslims they can get for some reason. Maybe they assume that no Muslims are bad... stupid. Either way, the Liberals and Trudeau are foolish and have no business being a government of any nation or even a village.

Canadian Sentinel said...

There's just SOO many extremists, hateful, violence-glorifying extremists, in the Liberal Party of Canada. And Justin Trudeau is all a-ok with that and tries to sugarcoat it all.

Terry Rudden said...

" they dumped him, BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT like children at the cookie jar."

Correct, if a bit florid. In other words, he received preliminary approval, and was screened out by following closer scrutiny. Yep, that's how it works.

I believe all three parties have let loonies slip through their nets in the past (I'm remembering some of the more egregiously stupid or racist Reformerw, way back when).

Good thing the Libs caught this one.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That said, it can and will rightly be used against the Trudeau Liberals in political propaganda, just as the Liberals would use it against anyone else.

Terry Rudden said...

No doubt.