Thursday, August 15, 2013

So Ted Cruz is Canadian-Born. Cool. But Obama? Never Proved Alleged US Soil Birth.

Ok, so I understand that Ted Cruz was born in Canada.  (Makes me proud, in fact)  ;)

BUT I thought it didn't matter to the Left what the Constitution says about ANYTHING.  They ignore it at their convenience.  They'll care to use it to keep a good conservative man out of Office of President, but will not care either way if a Democrat might not have been born in America and thus be inelilgible.  They'll accept any claim and any uttered document as "proof", long as it's a Democrat.  They'd never be so kind and benefit-of-doubt-giving to a non-leftist/non-Democrat.

And they have NOT PROVEN that OBAMA was born in America.  The "proof" is a fraud, and proven so by police.

So Ted Cruz therefore can't be President.  Ok.  But why is Obama allowed to be despite never validly proving he was born in America?  And why don't liberals care in HIS case?

Why did the lamestream media bother to ask when they pretend it doesn't matter, or they don't care?

And since when the hell do liberal-progressives and the lamestream media care about the Constitution?  They don't care about it when Obama et al violate it willy-nilly and blatantly.  Suddenly they care about the Constitution?  Yeah, right.  It's all a WEAPON for them, a politial weapon.  That's all.

The FUNNIEST THING OF ALL:  The Left and the Lamestream Media were WORRIED that Ted Cruz might have wanted to run for President, so they went looking for ANYTHING to use to destroy such chance for him.  Lucky them.  But if he was American-born and natural-born, they'd probably just do to him what they do to anyone who's conservative:  make up very bad lies about them.

Who's American-born that they hate?  Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West.  Watch the Left and the LSM use nuclear-bomb propaganda activism, big lies, hateful, paid "protestors" wearing clown masks of them, etc...

Which is why we fight the Left and counter the LSM with our own growing communications machine.  Let them laugh.  We don't care.  We have had enough of them because they lie and can't be trusted.  They're either evil or guillible and greedy... or both.

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