Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Thought it Was Ridiculous To Do the "Birther" Thing?

Now the Democrats and the Left and the "mainstream", controlled newsmedia are the "Birthers" (some communist agents say "Birfers").

They think it's a good idea to question the eligibility of the uber-popular, principled Ted Cruz, pictured below at the "Audit the IRS" rally in Washingon, with regular people who support him and who oppose the Left's agenda.

I thought we were told we shouldn't question peoples' claims to be born in America, or to be US Citizens?  Or even demand valid, non-fraudulent evidence to back up the claims?

Well, now the "Birther" shoe is on the other foot.

And it's a grave error for the Left to be doing this now, because it gives coverage to the fact that the POLICE proved, scientifically, that Obama's uttered "copies" of his alleged birth certificate are completely forged, fraudulent, and therefore Obama can NOT be deemed eligible for the Presidency, nor can any of his signed laws, nor Executive Orders, be accepted as valid, nor binding.  In fact, Obama is guilty of high treason for his fraudulency.  So are those who participated in the propagation and cover-up of the fraud.  They shall, too, be brought to justice at a time of We The People's choosing.

Here's Ted Cruz, a potential candidate for President in 2016.  The Democrats and the Left and the media, they are terrifed of him because he's a good man who obeys the Constitution and The People, not the Men Behind the Curtain.  He'd devastate the Communist Movement if he were President.  Just like... Ronald Reagan.

Photo credit:  A true, patriotic American.

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