Monday, August 05, 2013

Egyptians Show Hatred of Obama With Viral Music Video

The Egyptian People know that Obama is a very, very bad man.

Obama materially supports terrorism, ie. The Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella of all Islamic terror and hate worldwide.

Obama gives the terrorists many F-16 air superiority fighters, tanks, and now, most recently, without democratic consent of America, armed-to-the-teeth guided missile cruisers.

Why is Obama building Egypt's military?  It's none of  his business to do so.

Why does he do it?  Because he's an Islamic supremacist jihadist himself, as well as a communist, the perfect Manchurian President.  The Perfect Enemy Domestic.

Yes, this is all true.  If you didn't know, then you have been too busy or too lazy to pay attention and see for yourself what's going on in the real world, what people are doing.

What?  You didn't see it on "the news" on TV or see it in "the paper"?  Duh, of course not!  Most of it is covered up or sanitized to protect the bad man in the White House and his people as they seek to f... things up for the good people of the world... as well as for Americans.

Get it into your head already, if you haven't already:  Obama is a very, very, very bad man!

Via... Pat Dollard

Again:  Obama is a very, very, very bad man!

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