Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Data Analysis: Coldest US Summer in Century Despite Record High CO2 Levels

Sorry, Al Gore.  You were wrong.  Ditto David Suzuki.  Ditto the IPCC co-conspirators who only care about money so they'll sign anything.

Inconvenient truth HERE.

This summer, the US has experienced the fewest number of 100 degree readings in a century. The five hottest summers (1936, 1934, 1954, 1980 and 1930) all occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM.

CO2 went over 400 PPM this year, indicating that heatwaves and CO2 have nothing to do with each other. Scientists who claim otherwise are either incompetent, criminal, or both.

Of course, the global warmist liars will claim the data are just lies.  Even though they come from none other than the NOAA.

Now will the media stop referring to "global warming" as if it was happening?

And will politicians forget about the whole concept of "doing stuff to combat global warming" already?  It's stupid!

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Russell Cook said...

Gore & Suzuki say the science has long been settled. In case anybody brought up the idea that skeptic scientists dispute this, their backup plan has long been to say such skeptics are paid by 'big coal & oil' to lie.

Tiny little problem there, Gore, Suzuki and multitudes of others rely on just one source for that accusation, and that source is a guy facing a world of hurt when it comes to keeping ANY part of his narrative straight about it. See