Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Inconvenient Truth for Al Gore: South Polar Sea Ice Sets All-Time Satellite Record

Listen, it's getting COLDER, not warmer.  Stop listening to those who babble about "global warming" because it's just a big myth, really.

And we do NOT have to change the way we live after all.  Though we CAN crank up the thermostat, put another log on the fire, wear a sweater, that sort of thing.

And we don't need no stinkin' plug-in cars, nor giant fans, nor daylight-only solar panels, nor Al Gore yelling at us, nor David Suzuki telling us nonsense...

Story here.

It’s been so quiet in the mainstream media this year when it comes to polar sea ice. So I figure there must be something going on there that they just don’t want us to see.

The Arctic is refusing to melt like it did last year, and there’s hardly a chance it’s even going to get even close to a record low there. The other story is Antarctica, where I noticed a new record was set…quietly and already months ago.

 That record is not sea ice area, but rather the duration that sea ice at the South Pole has remained above the long-term average – now close to 2 years! Never has it even come close to being above average for that long since records have been kept.

Sorry, warmist-delusionals.  The proof is the proof, and when you have a good proof that means it's proven... or whatever the old fart said...  Hahaha...

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