Saturday, August 31, 2013

Combatting Liberalism-Progressivism: A Course of Action

Liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder.

AND also a character disorder.

Both disorders, however, are curable via therapy, both on an individual level and a widespread social-mass level.

At the individual level, the usual therapy, ie. talking, reeducation, couch sessions, etc, in which the mind of the individual is pried open and the individual made to use the brain, see evidence, be logical, rational and submit to truth and reality without fear.

At the social-mass level, the media needs to be taken control of and the message changed from the current falsehood-spewing one to a truth, evidence, logic, reason, values, ethics emphasizing one. The public educational system must be transformed, too, to speak only the truth and teach people to use their brains.

Basically, the big lies must be ended and replaced with objective truth based on observable evidence, logic, reason, values, ethics. The reverse of the communist agenda for the Free World, which has been underway for decades and decades and has corrupted and subverted the minds of millions upon millions and taken control of the various nodes of the state apparatus, thus messing up our nations because our enemies, the communists, foreign and domestic, want that due to hating the Western, values-intensive way of life.

We have the RIGHT to take our countries back from those who have subverted and corrupted them via dishonest takeover tactics. We have the means with which to take our countries, state apparati and societies back. We also MUST do so.

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