Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oprah, Al Sharpton With (Bigger) Boobs: Stepping In A Pile of Her Own Dropping

Story here.

Bigwig Oprah Winfrey tries to get attention by issuing paranoid accusation against foreign, English-challenged store clerk involving what she claimed was "racism", but now realizes that she's got a pile of shit on her shoe and is frantically attempting to sanitize it, de-stinkify it, to, so far, no avail...

That's what happens when one plays the race card.  It can blow up in one's face, no matter who one is.

All this to promote a stupid movie?  Seriously?  Yep, Oprah has downfallen since she decided to be openly biased for Obama and against Sarah Palin, thus alienating so many viewers that she had to cancel her own show.

Her popularity and attention level never recovered. 

And now, her popularity is even less, and her attention level has gone from forlorn to scorn.

Character content:  Exposed.  Pretenses now debunked.  Oprah just another rich liberal asshole.

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