Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WND's Farah: Obama Ineligible for Presidency

Well, duh.  Like, who believes in something provable (or not) that hasn't been proven, after all?

Since Obama never proved he meets all of the Constitution's Eligibility Clause requirements for being President, the inevitable, and necessary, conclusion must therefore be that he is ineligible and is therefore not legally President.

Of course, the public pressure to not even think the truth is quite strong, so even hardasses like Ann Coulter are too chicken to say that.

So it takes balls to actually say the obvious, and Joseph Farah's got a set.

Here's what Mr. Farah writes in response to Obama's cavalierly arrogant flippance over the issue:
"I can't spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead," Obama told Williams in an interview on NBC's Nightly News.

With this kind of arrogance after the patience the American people have demonstrated over this matter, I'd say it's time to conclude that he is ineligible for office. He's had plenty of time to provide the evidence to clear himself of this charge, this suspicion, this indictment in the form of overwhelming public opinion.

He has failed to answer the charge. He has failed to enter a plea. He has failed to show up for a hearing. Therefore, I no longer afford him the presumption of innocence.

It's time to recognize what we have serving in the White House today – a pretender, a usurper, an arrogant narcissist who believes it's beneath him to answer the questions of the public and to demonstrate his worthiness for office.
The problem is that Obama's people are in control of everything.  So until this control is taken away, their corruption and hardcore cronyism, including that of the Liberal Media, will continue to prevent the issue from being addressed by anyone non-corrupt, impartial who will do their proper job and nothing but.


MikeAdamson said...

The trouble with conspiracy theories is that they have to include so many people that it would be difficult to keep the conspiracy secret. I'll concede that it's easier for those who consider the absence of evidence to be confirmation that someone is hiding something than it is for those who follow normal rules of logic.

Canadian Sentinel said...

What conspiracy theory?

There's no "theory".

Fact: Obama has not proven that he meets all of the requirements of the Constitution's Eligibility Clause.

Nobody said anything about any "conspiracy".

Don't you know anything, or are you just believing what the Liberal Media tells you?

Canadian Sentinel said...

And it's funny how you're exactly as psychoaffectively cunninglinguistic as "Balbulican".

MikeAdamson said...

I can't say I know who Balbulican is but I can say that I can read and listen to much of the Conservative Media without having my intelligence insulted by birther nonsense.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Balbulican" is a banned troll who's so full of himself who's banned because he can't stand that he can't mess with my head anymore.

The funny thing is that you sound strikingly like him.

Anyway, how closely and seriously have you examined the claims, counterclaims, evidence, and lack of evidence... to arrive at your conclusion that Obama proved he's eligible?

It's worthless, and an insult to my intelligence, to simply, flippantly dismiss the legitimate, serious, founded questions as "birther nonsense". What proof is there that Obama meets the Eligibility Clause requirements? And I mean evidence that's beyond question and/or hasn't been debunked or otherwise shot too full of legitimate holes rendering it inadmissible.

It's no good, after all, to say, "Well, Obama's eligible 'cause people say so".

Hmm... oh, wait... are you actually Obama? LOL