Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hateful Leftist Assaults War Veteran With Hot Coffee, Flips Bird At Camera

Via Gateway Pundit

Funny how it seems that ALL the violence is coming from hard-left-wing Obama/Democrat supporters


Canadian Sentinel said...

That man is obviously criminally insane.

Whatever happened to all the nuthouses?

He needs to be in one.

Jen said...

Yet ask a lefty who believes in 'OBAMA'S redistribution of wealth', to give his (lefty's wealth to you; answer from him would be-?

Ask a lefty to surrender his freedom and childrens' to become slaves to OBAMA's regime.

The right wingers 'lets say' should go to the left-wingers and ask them for some of their wealth since that is what OBAMA wants his citizens to do that includes the lefties.

Ask OBAMA, his regime, the demos for their wealth which they took from the public in the first place, be redistruted back to the public- instead of asking the 'little guy' to redistribute what 'change' they have left.

Here is your next headline for days to come for americans to realize both left and right are being tricked into believing.

"The Socialists want redistribution of wealth well, redistribute your wealth 'first' before asking others. or


Also how much do OBAMA, and his regime make in one year- if the lefty knew that, still are told at the same time to redistribute their wealth instead of the 'hot shots' in WH., THINGS MIGHT CHANGE-meaning, people both sides will wake up real fast.