Wednesday, September 01, 2010

CF Declares F-35 Purchase NECESSARY

Who's going to dis the Canadian Forces?

It's kinda like dissing Chuck Norris.  You just DON'T do it!

After all, who better to tell us about what's needed for defence?

Who better to determine what's necessary and what's not, vis-a-vis things that have to do with homeland defence and assertion of national sovereignty?

"Critics" who trash the F-35 decision are at odds with the CF.  They want to vote with the Axis of Evil and against the Canadian Forces, against Canada and against our national security and sovereignty. 


“Nobody expects somebody to come in and roll ashore here in the next little while,” he said. “But it’s a question of being able to exercise your sovereignty. And you can’t do that sitting on the runway saying, ‘I wish I could go out there without these guys knowing I’m going to be there two hours before the intercept point.’”

The F-35s can be used against any adversary that emerges over the decades, as the aircraft will remain in service for 30 years or more after they enter service in 2017, Gen. Deschamps said.

“Who knows 50 years from now? Who knows what the North Koreans will be up to? The Iranians?” he said.

Why is it the Liberal-Media Complex is hailing the politicians-in-uniforms Police Chiefs who claim the Long-Gun Registry (which costs billions) is "necessary"?  I mean, do we really think that the hunters of Canada are suddenly gonna go bad and attack us all one day?  Gimme a break.  Even if that were to happen, and it won't, then what good will the Registry really be, particularly after the fact?  Hmm...

Why does the Liberal-Media Complex dissing the F-35 program?  Why are they, as in the article linked above, dissing the Canadian Forces by preferring the assertions of "critics"?  Why do they do this while assuming that the Police Chiefs are necessarily right on the Registry, but they don't want to accept the declarations of the Canadian Air Force on the F-35's being necessary?

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